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Advantages and price factors of handheld laser welding machines


In recent years, handheld laser welding machines have become more and more popular, and they are a new type of welding method. So what are the advantages of handheld laser welding?

First of all, it must have made up for the shortcomings of traditional welding! Such as welding defects such as undercut, incomplete penetration, and large loss during the welding process, the weld seam of laser welding is perfectly smooth, and there is no need for secondary grinding, which saves a lot of cost!

Moreover, the handheld laser welding machine is recognized as less consumables, long life, strong flexibility, high safety, and can be used in various links.

1. After setting the parameters, get started immediately. Even a girl who knows nothing, after simple training, can have no pressure. A handheld laser welding machine can save at least 2-4 professional welding workers (the general salary is about 1W).

2. The copper nozzle can be replaced at will, whether it is spot welding, internal and external fillet welding, arc welding, butt welding, lap welding, lap welding, riveting welding, edge welding, T-welding, lap welding, edge welding, etc. Only you can’t think of it, you can’t weld without it!

3. The welding efficiency is increased by 2-10 times, the process is more perfect, the welding effect is stable, and there will be no problems such as air holes, welding penetration, and workpiece deformation. Save polishing time, reduce consumables…

4. Mainly used for welding stainless steel, aluminum plate, alloy steel, iron, aluminum alloy, copper, gold and silver, and other metal materials.


So what factors lead to the price difference of tens of thousands of hand-held laser welding machines? How should we choose a cost-effective handheld laser welding machine?

To put it simply, the main factors that affect the price are the laser power and some hardware configurations.

Hardware Configuration

Handheld laser welding machines are mainly composed of lasers, welding heads, chillers, cabinets, wire feeders, etc. Different brands of configurations and whether wire feeders are included affect the overall price.


Different laser powers are the main basis for pricing. At present, the laser power of handheld welding machines on the market generally has 1000W, 1500W and 2000W. There is no doubt that the higher the power, the higher the price. We can choose different powers according to the needs of our products.

Lasers are one of the core accessories. At present, there are several brands of lasers: Raycus, IPG, Chuangxin, JPT, etc. Lasers with high reputation of big brands are definitely an important guarantee, which is one of the important reasons for the price judgment basis. So when choosing a machine, be sure to understand the brand quality of the laser!



·Handheld welding head

The welding head is the most important thing. The hand-held welding heads on the market are mainly divided into single pendulum and double pendulum modes. There is a reflection motor in the single pendulum welding joint, which makes reciprocating linear motion (one-shaped); there are two reflection motors in the double pendulum welding joint, and the path of the spot can be two-dimensional swing (such as O-shaped circle, triangle, 8-shaped) .

In fact, the single pendulum is the most used hand-held welding, and the effect is the best. At present, the welding heads with the best reputation in the market are Super Weiye Single Pendulum and Kirin Double Pendulum. We just need to look for the brand when choosing a machine!

· Cost of consumables

So what is the internal configuration of the welding head and the quality and loss cost of the supporting copper nozzle?

A protective lens is placed in the hand-held welding head, which is relatively easy to wear and tear. Generally speaking, pay attention to the technique when using it, try to avoid the entry of metal debris, break the lens, and change the lens every three months. The price of one lens is about 20-30 yuan.

The same welding copper nozzle is also a lossy part. If it is used correctly, it will take a few months to replace the copper nozzle. The unit price is about 20-30 yuan.

·Wire Feeder

In fact, some hand-held laser welding machines with relatively low prices do not have matching wire feeders, and excellent wire feeding welding capabilities can concentrate energy, effectively prevent welding cracks, and improve welding efficiency.

A good wire feeder can achieve strong and powerful wire feeding without jamming, ensuring the quality of solder spots. When choosing a handheld laser welding machine, be sure to pay attention to whether it is equipped with supporting wire feeding equipment!

·The cabinet is stable

Do you feel that all handheld laser welding machines look similar in appearance, especially the cabinets, there is no difference at all!

Here we can look at the thickness of the steel plate of the cabinet. Although there is not much difference in appearance, the thickness of the steel plate of some machines is not enough. After we buy it, it will deform or even “fall apart” in a short time. This is where corners are cut. For a machine with high stability, the thickness of the sheet metal must be in place.

·Source production factory

If you don’t want to bother to understand various configurations, you can choose a laser equipment company with certain strength. We must find the source factory for production, and there must be a large-scale factory with a quality management system. The products produced by such a company are guaranteed.

Unlike traders and small workshops with few people, such companies are guaranteed both in terms of configuration and services, and we don’t need to “fear”.

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