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Application of laser welding technology in soft package module

Application of laser welding technology in soft package module
Laser welding was first applied to the pole welding of square batteries, and later extended to cylinders and soft packs. Laser welding is a powerful means to improve the lightweight of the module, which can effectively improve the connection reliability, reduce the internal resistance of the connection, and reduce the energy loss of the cell itself.
Laser welding is used in all aspects of battery cell production, and cylindrical batteries and square batteries have a wider and more mature application range. Not only can it be used for the welding of modules, but also for the welding inside the cell. In the welding of square modules, penetration welding and pulse welding are used more, and in soft package welding, pulse welding is used more.
In addition, laser welding has more advantages than traditional bolted connections. After laser welding, due to the fusion of materials, the reliability is good, and the contact resistance is small. And laser welding is easy to realize automatic production, which greatly improves productivity.

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