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12000W Closed And Safed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

laser cutting machine

Product Description

12000W Closed and Safed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is a fiber laser cutting machine with closed cover and double exchange platform. Equipped with special laser protective glass observation window, it is more convenient to observe the cutting process, and double exchange platform saves time for loading and unloading.High speed, high processing efficiency, time and effort saving, the overall appearance and safety and environmental protection.
Our 12000W Closed and Safed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine adopts a gantry structure, which has better stability, more durable, high system integration, accurate control, stable operation, and more beautiful pattern effect.In terms of power, the maximum power of our machine can be up to 15KW, which can meet the cutting requirements of thick plate materials and provide appropriate power for different customers.
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12000W Closed And Safed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Features

1. First of all, the fully enclosed model, protective glass safety window, can clearly observe the working process at the same time can also be very good to ensure the safety of the operator.
2. Adopt gantry type structure, double rack and pinion, high power can increase torque output, ensure production efficiency;At the same time, professional laser cutting software can smooth the bevel when cutting, which can achieve high-speed drilling and fast cutting functions.
3. High precision cutting head, cutting will not contact with the material surface, so it will not scratch and damage the workpiece, with automatic focusing function, especially suitable for high power thick plate cutting and high reflective material cutting, and the slot is narrow, combined with the heat affected zone is small, so the material cut out will not produce deformation.
4. Automatic loading and unloading double exchange platform, can be very good to save the time of loading and unloading, improve the cutting efficiency.

12000W Closed And Safed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Working size
1500*3000mm/2000*4000mm/2000*6000mm (optional)
Laser power
Cutting thickness
Cutting speed
Laser head
Raytools /Au3thech brand
Laser source
Cooling way
Water cooling
Water chiller
Cutting materials
carbon steel, stainless stell, iron,aluminum, copper, atc
Motor and driver 
Japan Fuji/ Yaskawa servo brand
Table Type
Sawtooth table 
 Power supplier

12000W Closed And Safed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Main Parts

1. Fiber laser: the most important accessories is fiber laser, we provide customers with a variety of brand choices, such as domestic well-known DK/ MAX/RAYCUS, foreign IPG, can be selected according to customers’ own needs.
2 laser cutting head: we generally choose Shanghai RAYTOOLS laser cutting head, more durable, long service life, stable, relatively high cost performance.
3. Control system: CYPCUT control system is adopted to control the fiber laser cutting machine well.
4. Servo motor drive: we generally use Japanese clothing servo motor, driving effect is better.
5. Upper and lower platform exchange type double worktable: the use of double worktable, automatic loading and unloading, equipped with imported open numerical control system, in the condition of high speed operation at the same time can ensure the processing accuracy, high production efficiency.
enclosed accessories

12000W Closed And Safed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Samples

12000W Closed and Safed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is mainly used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet and other metal materials.
Application fields are mainly used in sheet metal processing, aerospace, electronic appliances, auto parts, parts and other manufacturing and processing industries.
1. The automotive industry. Many corners of the automobile industry, such as automobile doors and automobile exhaust pipes need to be processed after the formation of some extra corners or burrs.The robotic laser cutting machine can process batches faster.
2. Advertising industry. Due to the customization of the advertising industry, the traditional method is very inefficient. With the laser cutting machine, no matter how thick the plate, no matter how many glyphs, the laser cutting machine will satisfy you.
3. Kitchenware industry. Nowadays, there are more and more houses, more and more decoration, and the demand for kitchen-related products is getting bigger and bigger. The laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting thin-plate stainless steel with high speed, high precision, high satisfaction. It can realize customized & personalized product development and win the kitchen manufacturers love.
4. Sheet metal processing. Because of variety of different graphic parts, fiber laser cutting machine is used popular in this industry.
5. Cabinet industry. It Includes power distribution cabinets, file cabinets, etc. All the cabinet above are standardized production of thin plates with efficiency. The fiber laser cutting machine can satisfy the customers in this industry.
laser cutting samples

Packaging & Shipping

Our 12000W closed and safed fiber laser cutting machine is sealed and packed by professionals:
1. First of all, the anti-collision edge will be wrapped around the machine where it is easy to bump into, so as to prevent the bump problem in transportation;Then the whole machine is covered with plastic film, and finally the machine is packed in wooden cases.
2. The machine is loaded onto the truck with a forklift for land transportation, and then transported to Qingdao Port, and then uniformly put into containers for sea transportation.
3. We cooperate with Chinese and foreign transportation companies, which will guarantee the safety of the machine during sea transportation. If there is any problem during transportation, we will try our best to solve it.
enclosed cutting ship
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