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1500W Laser Welding Machine Metal Welding

laser welding machine

Machine Description

1500W Laser Welding Machine Metal Welding is a kind of hand-held fiber Laser welding machine, which can meet the welding requirements of different kinds and shapes of materials. It has the advantages of fast welding speed and high precision. For the parts or angles that are difficult to be welded, it can also realize all-round welding.It is a popular laser welding machine in the welding industry.
In the era of rapid development of laser, the emergence of fiber laser welding machine to meet the welding needs of various types of metal plates.Small heat affected area, no deformation, no blackening of the welded workpiece.At the same time, we provide 1000W/1500W/2000W three different kinds of power, for welding different thickness and different requirements of customers to provide a variety of options, of course, the price is also changed according to the power.If you are interested in fiber laser welding machine, please contact us for further communication.
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1500W Laser Welding Machine Metal Welding Features

1. Fiber laser welding machine is equipped with fiber laser generator as the laser source, the overall performance is safe and stable, the beam is more precise, and there is no need for the second processing after welding.
2 equipped with handheld laser welding head is very light, although the head is not small, but the operation is very convenient and flexible, holding it can be a long time of welding work, no training of novice Xiaobai can also easily control.
3. The operation of fiber laser welding machine is very simple, for stainless steel sheet, iron sheet, galvanized sheet can be easily welded, without any pressure.
4. Because the laser is used as the laser source, the heat affected zone of the fiber laser welding machine is very small, and there will be no deformation and blackening phenomenon on the welded workpiece material and surrounding, and the weld is smooth and beautiful.

1500W Laser Welding Machine Metal Welding Technical Parameter

Max laser power
Laser type
Fiber laser source
Source brand
Pulse width
Laser wavelength
Max power of single impules 
Welding depth
Cooling system dimensions
Water chiller BY1000
Transmission system
Fiber optical transmission system(FOTS)
Fiber optical length
10m standard
Working humidity
Power required

1500W Laser Welding Machine Metal Welding Main Parts

A complete fiber laser welding machine is composed of a number of accessories:
1 laser: fiber laser welding machine is the most important parts of the laser, the laser is the output power and beam, the quality of the output beam, is determined by the laser.The common laser brands in the market include Raycus/ MAX /IPG, etc. Customers can choose the laser brand according to their own needs and preferences.
2. Main cabinet: the configuration of the whole machine needs to be placed in the main cabinet.
3. Beam focusing system: the welding focal length of our fiber laser welding machine is usually 110mm.
4. Observation system: general fiber laser welding machine needs to be equipped with an observable system, so that the welding process can be monitored in real time.
5. Cooling system: Generally welding metal will produce huge heat, so it is necessary to configure a cold water machine to cool the laser.
laser welding machine

1500W Laser Welding Machine Metal Welding Samples

Fiber laser welding machine can be applied to welding all kinds of metal materials: stainless steel mirror word, plane copper word, Seiko aluminum word, all kinds of advertising word, metal word welding forming, etc.Widely used in kitchen and bathroom industry, household appliances industry, advertising industry, mold industry, stainless steel products industry, auto parts industry, doors and Windows industry and so on.
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Packaging & Shipping

Handheld fiber laser welding machine in the customer confirmed without error, into our good sealing, anti-collision wooden case, loaded on the car after the first land transport to the port of delivery, into the container and then unified water transport to the port designated by the customer.
1.Packaging: Our this handheld fiber laser welding machine is packaged by protect film ; anti-collision package edge; 
2.Shipping: We cooperate with SINOTRANS company whose experience in the ocean transportation will guarantee your machine safety. We also provide train transport, especially to Russia, Ukraine and other inland countries.
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