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8KW fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

laser cutting machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Description

fiber laser cutting machines more and more popular. 

One of the biggest benefits of using a fiber laser cutting machine is the low cost of use and maintenance, which is very advantageous for companies that already have multiple machines.The less time you spend on maintenance, the more time you can spend on cutting the product.

Another advantage of choosing a fiber laser cutting machine is its high efficiency.In many areas of the cutting process, laser cutting machines are the most efficient on the modern market — higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, more efficient beam transmission, resulting in better finished products and less wasted energy.

It’s use the high quality parts, Raycus/Max brand laser source, Raytools fiber laser head , Cypcut control system and Japan FUJI/Yaskawa servo motors and drives, high precision and speed, large torque, performance is stable and durable, ensure the high speed operation of the whole machine. 

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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Features

1. Fiber laser metal cutting machine has high electrical-to-optical conversion efficiency, with a conversion efficiency of more than 30%. The low-power fiber laser does not need to be equipped with a chiller. The use of air cooling can greatly save power consumption during work, save operating costs, and achieve the highest production. effectiveness;

2. Extreme cutting speed: 2 times of CO2 laser cutting machine of the same power;

3. High stability: the use of the world’s top imported fiber laser, stable performance, the service life of key components can reach 100,000 hours;

4. High electro-optical conversion efficiency: optical conversion efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine reaches about 30%, which is 3 times higher than CO2 laser cutting machine, energy saving and environmental protection;

5. Very low use cost: the power consumption of the whole machine is only 20-30% of similar CO2 laser cutting machine;

6.Extremely low maintenance cost: no laser working gas;Optical fiber transmission, no need for reflective lenses;Can save a lot of maintenance costs;

7.The fiber laser adopts semiconductor modular and redundant design. There is no optical lens in the resonant cavity. It does not require startup time. It has the advantages of adjustment-free, maintenance-free, and high stability, which reduces the cost of accessories and maintenance time. Unmatched by traditional lasers;

8.Super flexible light guide effect: compact size, compact structure, easy to flexible processing requirements.

Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine Parameter

Working size1500*3000mm (optional)
Laser power1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w/4000w/6000w/10000w
Cutting thickness1-30mm
Cutting speed1-120mm
Laser headRaytools /Au3thech brand
Laser sourceDK/Max/Raycus/IPG
Cooling wayWater cooling
Water chillerHL/S&A
Cutting materialscarbon steel, stainless stell, iron,aluminum, copper, atc
Motor and driver Japan Fuji/ Yaskawa servo brand
Table TypeSawtooth table 
 Power supplier220V/380V

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Parts


Laser Machine Cutting Samples

cutting samples

Packaging & Shipping

  1. Packaging: Our this fiber laser cutting machine is packaged by protect film ; anti-collision package edge; 
  2. Shipping: We cooperate with SINOTRANS company whose experience in the ocean transportation will guarantee your machine safety. We also provide train transport, especially to Russia, Ukraine and other inland countries.
  3. Payment: We support T/T, VISA, Mastercard payment terms with Alibaba Trade Assurance.
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