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Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

laser cleaning machine

Product Description

As we all know, many metal products will rust after a period of time. The cleaning method of a long time ago is mainly to use chemical agents and mechanical methods for cleaning, but this method not only pollutes the environment, but also difficult to clean the rust, which is time-consuming and laborious.Our newly launched 100W fiber laser cleaning machine is a good solution to the problem of rust removal, the use of nano laser radiation, irradiation in the surface of the object to be rust removal, so as to achieve the purpose of using laser rust removal.And this process is non-contact cleaning of the workpiece, the more precise and easy to damage parts are very safe, but also can ensure the accuracy of the cleaning machine.
In fact, the principle of fiber laser cleaning machine is the process of removing the rust attached to the surface of the object by laser beam irradiation, and there is no harm to the human body. It is a new technology of modern industrial rust removal.
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Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine Features

1. The optical fiber laser cleaning, so the beam quality is high, the performance is stable, will not damage the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned.
2. The operation is simple and convenient, only need to open the switch after the power can be used.The machine adopts hand-held fiber laser cleaning head, easy to take, and light, can be used to clean rust and oil stains for a long time, integrated structure design, compact and easy to operate.
3. There are a lot of cleaning materials, energy saving and environmental protection, for any workpiece resin, grease, dirt, layers, rust and so on can be cleaned, flexible use in a variety of processing industries.
4. Low requirement on working environment, portable and hand-held, can be cleaned anytime and anywhere, high system stability, long service life.
5. The cleaning head is non-contact processing when processing the workpiece, so there is no loss, no damage and no pollution to the material.

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine Technical Parameters

Clean power
Current consumption
Pout = Ponm / 5A
power supply voltage
AC 110/220V
Cooling way
Air cooling
Laser level
Level 4
Pulse energy
Fiber length
5m(for option)
laser wavelength
scanning width
Warm up time
work environment
Flat without vibration shock
Working temperature
0-60 ℃
Storage temperature
Machine size
647 x 440 x 859mm
Machine weight

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine Main Parts

1. The most important accessories of fiber laser cleaning machine are lasers. Generally, there are lasers in the machine configuration as long as the fiber laser is used as the laser source.Our lasers generally use Shenzhen JPT, with modular design, high system integration, maintenance free and high reliability.
2. The output of the laser will generate heat, which requires a cold water cooler to cool the machine.It is generally used for cooling laser and cleaning head with dual temperature and dual control.
3. Fiber laser cleaning head: the weight of the cleaning head must be light, otherwise the staff will be very tired when they clean in their hands.So the handheld laser head we use is light and easy to operate, weighing only 1.2kg.
4. Control system: provide a variety of language support, customers can according to their own needs of the language Settings, convenient and durable.
laser cleaning accessories

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine Cleaning Samples

Fiber laser cleaning machine can be used to clean the rust on the surface of metal materials, the stains on the mold, the resin, dirt, paint and coating on the surface of the workpiece.
Widely used in electronic products industry, aviation, tire industry, automobile manufacturing industry, cultural relic protection and restoration, shipbuilding, food processing industry, construction and other fields of object processing and cleaning.

Packing And Shipping

1. The handheld optical fiber laser cleaning machine airframe adopt collision plastic package, and then into the custom wooden cases, according to the machine size with forklift truck loaded into trucks transport trunk, road transport to Qingdao port first (or the customer have their own our forwarder can also transport to the customer designated port), and then unified into container shipping transportation.
2. The forwarder companies we cooperate with are all experienced in transportation for many years, and they will guarantee the safety of the machines during sea transportation.After the goods arrive at the customer’s port, there will be a local forwarder to help the customer pick up the goods, which is very convenient.
laser cleaning ship
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