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Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine 1000w

laser welding machine

Laser Welding Machine Description

Living in the metal industry or advertising industry, we often have metal objects that need to be welded. Some metal broken need to repair, some need to take two or more metal objects welded together, this needs us to use a tool to put them welding repair—-metal handheld laser welding machine

Model                       TPW-1000W

Weld Materials          All metal 

Source brand             Raycus/Max/JPT

Laser wavelength       1064um

Impules power           150-200J

Welding depth           0.1-5mm  

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Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine Features

1. Hand-held fiber laser welding machine has small impact on the hot zone, small thermal deformation of the workpiece after welding, smooth and beautiful welding seam, and no need for secondary processing.

2. This machine can weld carbon steel, stainless steel welding, all metal welding machine.

3, Handheld fiber laser welding machine can ensure the safety and stability of the machine, no need to worry about any safety problems.

4, Hand-held fiber laser welding machine only takes up a very small space, the machine operation is very convenient and flexible; Also has integrated laser, chiller, software control and other functions of the integrated cabinet. Hand-held welding joints are equipped with 5-10 meters of original fiber optic cable, as desired.

5. Handheld fiber laser metal welding machine head is very light, easy to use, flexible operation, welding personnel can easily weld any metal, to extraordinary products, the birth of hand-held welding machine to replace the traditional argon arc welding, electric welding and so on.

6. Welding once forming, basically no deformation; Handheld operation mode, assembly special welding nozzle, can realize any part of the workpiece any Angle welding, welding a molding, basic deformation, can meet the requirements of high quality products welding

7, Hand-held laser welding machine operation is very simple, can easily weld CS. SS, iron sheet, galvanized sheet and other metal materials.

8. The welding speed of hand-held laser welding machine is very fast, which is 2 ~ 10 times that of traditional welding. According to the operator’s tests, one handheld laser welding machine can save two welders’ costs.

Metal Laser Welding Machine Parameter

Max laser power1000W
Laser typeFiber laser source
Source brandRaycus/Max/JPT
Pulse width0.1-20ms
Laser wavelength1064um
Max power of single impules 150–200J
Welding depth0.1–5mm
Cooling system dimensionsWater chiller BY1000
Transmission systemFiber optical transmission system(FOTS)
Fiber optical length10m standard
Working humidity5%–75%
Power required380V+10%/50HZ

Stainless Steel Welding Parts

For our metal welding machine, the use of high-quality accessories, each electrical component is a big brand, after careful technical testing, customer feedback effect is better, so that the welding technology is more superb

Raycus brand laser source 1000w 
1).100,000 hours of lifetime, free maintenance;
2). High electro-optical conversion efficiency (up to 25-30%), excellent beam quality,
3). High energy density, and reliability, a wide modulation frequency;
Welding head wobble head
1). Wobble laser head can be widely used in complex and irregular products.
2).One hand easy to control, easy to use the operation.
3). Various Angle nozzles can be configured to meet the welding requirements of different products. 

Wire feeding
1).  Auto wire feeding handheld welding machine can weld parts with wider gap.
2). With a 8-15m fiber line, It can weld long-distance and large- area parts.
3). Various welding processes, such as spot welding, seam welding and overlap welding.  

Double temperature dual control system

Optical fiber cable,standard length is 10 m

Welding nozzles,Protect lens

laser welding machine

Metal Welding Samples

Mainly used for plastic mold of S136, SKD-11, NAK80, 8407, 718, 738, H13, P20, W302, 2344 mold steel, carbon steel, common alloy steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, copper and extremely hard alloy material, Casting mold, forging die, stamping die, die casting molds. Widely used in mobile phones, digital products, automobiles and motorcycles and other mold manufacturing and molding industry.

2021 best laser welding machine for stainless steel

Packaging & Shipping

Handheld fiber laser welding machine in the customer confirmed without error, into our good sealing, anti-collision wooden case, loaded on the car after the first land transport to the port of delivery, into the container and then unified water transport to the port designated by the customer.

1.Packaging: Our this handheld fiber laser welding machine is packaged by protect film ; anti-collision package edge; 

2.Shipping: We cooperate with SINOTRANS company whose experience in the ocean transportation will guarantee your machine safety. We also provide train transport, especially to Russia, Ukraine and other inland countries.

3.Payment: We support T/T, VISA, Mastercard payment terms with Alibaba Trade Assurance

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