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Jewelry Laser Spot Gold Welding Machine

laser welding machine

Machine Description

In fact, jewelry is becoming more and more popular among female friends, but now many jewelry needs a more complex welding process. The appearance of jewelry welding machine improves the efficiency of welding and shortening the production cycle.
Jewelry laser spot gold welding machine is suitable for welding fine small objects, mainly used for welding Jewelry. Generally speaking, it is a machine specially made for welding work in the Jewelry industry. It has small weight and volume, convenient handling, and it is not a problem to carry out welding work anytime anywhere.It has deeper welding depth, small solder joint width, small product deformation, no air hole, long service life.
Jewelry laser spot gold welding machine has been introduced into the Jewelry industry, and it is popular because of its fast speed, high accuracy and easy to use. It is also gradually applied to more and more other welding fields.
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Jewelry Laser Spot Gold Welding Machine Features

1.Jewelry laser spot gold welding machine has high safety. It works in the cover and only needs to watch the welding process from the CCD monitor, so it can avoid the laser radiation to the eyes.
2. Simple and convenient operation: watch the whole welding work through the CCD display screen, so the CCD display screen is equipped with a large high-definition LCD screen, which can save a variety of parameters to facilitate the smooth progress of the follow-up work.
3. Strong anti-interference ability: the use of advanced computer control system, operability and stability is stronger.
4. High stability: double closed loop precision control, can even each solder joint, so that the welding effect is more beautiful.

Jewelry Laser Spot Gold Welding Machine Technical Parameter

Max power of single impulse
Laser power
Welding depth
Pulse width
Laser wavelength
Power supply demand
Cooling system dimensions
Water cooling
Power consumption
Observation system
10X Microscope or HD CCD
Max laser power
Working humidity
CCD System

Jewelry Laser Spot Gold Welding Machine Main Parts

1.Machine Frame
*Main Machine Cabinet
*Operation worktable
*Desktop Type
3.Laser Power Supply
*Simple Lamp
*Dual Lamp
4.Laser Generator
*Focusing Cavity
*Optic lens
*YAG Crystal
*Xenon Lamp
*Focus of light System
5.Control System
*Software Control System(PLC /EZCAD / CNC Control Board)
*Driving (Stepping Motor/ Servo Motor)
jewelry accessories

Jewelry Laser Spot Gold Welding Machine Welding Samples

Jewelry laser spot gold welding machine is specially developed for the Jewelry industry, so the main scope of application is the repair and welding of Jewelry, Jewelry, gold and silver Jewelry, hole repair, spot welding sand hole, seam repair and inlaying parts claw position, etc.
It is mainly used in the processing industry of medical equipment, aluminum alloy denture and so on to provide convenience for welding work.
jewelry samples

Packaging & Shipping

1. Transportation: We cooperate with shipping companies with many years of transportation experience to ensure the safety of machines during sea transportation.Of course, we also provide a variety of modes of transportation according to the characteristics of different countries, like a landlocked country, we will provide the railway transport and express, according to the most convenient way to choose, and the small volume of machines (less than) a party if you want to hurry up to get the machine also can choose by air, faster and, of course, the price may be more expensive than by sea, delivery.
2. Packing: The whole jewelry laser welding machine is packed and packed with plastic film with anti-collision edge, and transported to Qingdao Port by truck. It will be uniformly loaded into a container for shipping and transportation.
3. Payment methods: We support multiple payment methods such as credit card payment, T/T, online transfer, wire transfer and Alibaba draft credit guarantee order.
jewelry welding machine ship
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