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How to cut high-quality sheet at the best speed?

How to cut high-quality sheet at the best speed? Fast cutting speed is a major advantage of laser cutting, and it is also an important reason why many sheet metal processing users choose laser cutting machines. The power of the laser will affect the speed at which the laser equipment cuts the sheet, and the cutting

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Fiber Laser Cleaner- Benefits,Application And Comparation

Benefits of Fiber laser cleaner, its applications, and why Fiber laser cleaner is preferable as compared to other cleaning processes Cleaning a metal surface is becoming increasingly important in modern manufacturing, so using a safe, efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly process is crucial. Well, fiber laser cleaning is at the top of the list. From medical labs

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Application of laser cutting technology in sheet metal processing

Application of laser cutting technology in sheet metal processing 1. Application advantages The traditional sheet metal processing technology mainly includes shearing, bending, punching, etc., but in actual use, it is often necessary to use a mold to start processing, which not only requires a long processing time and processing cost, but also requires a long processing

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Analysis of the benefits of laser cleaning

Analysis of the benefits of laser cleaning The following takes laser cleaning machine of tire molds as an example to illustrate the economic benefits of laser cleaning compared with offline sandblasting and dry ice cleaning equipment. Laser cleaning technology has obvious advantages: fast cleaning, low labor intensity, no wear and no danger to the operator. However,

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6 Functions make Double the Efficiency of Laser Cutting Machines-2

4. Concentrated perforation Concentrated perforation, also known as pre-piercing, is a processing process, not a function of the machine itself, and its use requires the help of an automatic programming system. When cutting thicker sheets with a laser, the cutting process of each profile goes through two stages: 1. Piercing, 2. Cutting. Conventional processing technology (point

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Advantages of laser cleaning in mold cleaning

Advantages of mold laser cleaning machine 1. Multiple laser cleaning functions Laser cleaning is to use high-energy pulsed laser to irradiate the surface of the workpiece. The coating layer on the surface different from the substrate absorbs the focused laser energy and evaporates or peels off instantaneously. , In addition to paint, in addition to dirt,

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