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Laser cleaning machine for metal

Table of Contents Laser cleaning is an effective and safe way to clean metal surfaces. This process quickly removes rust and other contaminants from metal parts without damaging the metal underneath. One more good point is that laser cleaning does not change metals’ chemical composition or structure, which has been proved by several tests. Laser cleaning

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Laser rust removal

Table of Contents Rust – specifically in temperate climates – is a metal killer. You might wonder why it happens; well, it happens due to metal oxidisation when water is left to sit and rot in whichever crevice it can find. When the metal is disclosed to oxygen in the presence of moisture, it causes structural

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Laser cleaning machine cleaning graffiti

Graffiti is usually removed using steam or chemicals. The downside of these techniques is that they don’t always work as well as they should. Using other techniques, such as sandblasting, runs the risk of damaging or abrading the underlying layer. This poses problems for softer stone types and historic buildings. Laser cleaning machine is great for

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Advantages of laser cleaning technology in peeling paint of aircraft skin

Advantages of laser cleaning technology in peeling paint of aircraft skin The safety requirements of aircraft are almost strict. Therefore, regardless of production or maintenance, the improvement of each process must take safety as the primary factor! In order to ensure the safety of the aircraft, the aircraft needs paint stripping and overhaul every 5 years

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laser paint removal

Laser Paint Removal

Repainting any material provides numerous benefits, but doing so without removing the old layer of paint from the material will not show any improvement. That is why paint removal or stripping is highly recommended whether you’re looking to repaint your building’s exterior or repurpose items for a project. This process gets the material ready for a

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Laser Welding Process in Automobile Manufacturing

Laser Welding Process in Automobile Manufacturing 1. Flight welding Laser flight welding combines the advantages of remote welding, galvanometer and manipulator, and cooperates with professional graphics processing software to realize instant multi-track welding in three-dimensional space. Mainly used in: In terms of materials, it can be used in various types of steel plates, cold-rolled plates, aluminum

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