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Advantages and price factors of handheld laser welding machines

Advantage In recent years, handheld laser welding machines have become more and more popular, and they are a new type of welding method. So what are the advantages of handheld laser welding? First of all, it must have made up for the shortcomings of traditional welding! Such as welding defects such as undercut, incomplete penetration, and

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How to choose the right laser cleaner?

Whether water has rusted the bulkhead of your aircraft or hazardous paint is beginning to chip from your equipment, you require a cleaning solution that is both safe and effective. Laser ablation uses precision cleaning to remove contaminants such as oil, rust, mold release agents, paint, and more — but how can you choose the right laser

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It’s coming! Laser head with 600mm cleaning width!

In continuous laser cleaning equipment, most laser cleaning heads only have a cleaning width of 150-270mm, which indirectly leads to many problems: 1. When the cleaning power is too high, due to the limited width, the unit laser energy is too high, resulting in over-cleaning of the surface, and even slight melting, causing damage to the

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WHAT IS PLASMA CLEANING? More commonly known as plasma treatment, plasma cleaning uses ionized gas to remove organic matter from the surface of your appliances. Plasma breaks down the surface material at the chemical level to allow for bonding to occur, but the chemical compound that remains leaves contaminants on your substrate — requiring a secondary

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How to clean the surface oxide of aluminum alloy?

Aluminum alloy is the most widely used non-ferrous metal structural material in industry, and has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industry. With the rapid development of industrial economy, the demand for welded structural parts of aluminum alloy is increasing day by day, so that the research on weldability of

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