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Advantages of laser cleaning technology in peeling paint of aircraft skin

Advantages of laser cleaning technology in peeling paint of aircraft skin The safety requirements of aircraft are almost strict. Therefore, regardless of production or maintenance, the improvement of each process must take safety as the primary factor! In order to ensure the safety of the aircraft, the aircraft needs paint stripping and overhaul every 5 years

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laser paint removal

Laser Paint Removal

Repainting any material provides numerous benefits, but doing so without removing the old layer of paint from the material will not show any improvement. That is why paint removal or stripping is highly recommended whether you’re looking to repaint your building’s exterior or repurpose items for a project. This process gets the material ready for a

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Laser Welding Process in Automobile Manufacturing

Laser Welding Process in Automobile Manufacturing 1. Flight welding Laser flight welding combines the advantages of remote welding, galvanometer and manipulator, and cooperates with professional graphics processing software to realize instant multi-track welding in three-dimensional space. Mainly used in: In terms of materials, it can be used in various types of steel plates, cold-rolled plates, aluminum

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Can laser cleaning replace dry ice cleaning?

Dry ice cleaning The advantages of dry ice cleaning are mainly compared with traditional chemical cleaning agents. Most of the advantages it has are well known to us: 1 The cleaning process does not use chemicals and does not pollute the environment. 2 Compared with cleaning agents, the cleaning effect of dry ice cold spray is

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How to cut high-quality sheet at the best speed?

How to cut high-quality sheet at the best speed? Fast cutting speed is a major advantage of laser cutting, and it is also an important reason why many sheet metal processing users choose laser cutting machines. The power of the laser will affect the speed at which the laser equipment cuts the sheet, and the cutting

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Fiber Laser Cleaner- Benefits,Application And Comparation

Benefits of Fiber laser cleaner, its applications, and why Fiber laser cleaner is preferable as compared to other cleaning processes Cleaning a metal surface is becoming increasingly important in modern manufacturing, so using a safe, efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly process is crucial. Well, fiber laser cleaning is at the top of the list. From medical labs

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