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Laser cleaning vs blast cleaning

Laser cleaning: Laser cleaning machine mainly uses a laser beam to work on the workpiece with rust stains. The high-frequency high-energy laser pulse irradiates the surface of the workpiece, and the coating layer can instantly absorb the focused laser energy, making the surface oily, rust or coating. Instantaneous evaporation or peeling occurs, high-speed and effective cleaning

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Application of laser cleaning in cleaning graffiti

Graffiti first appeared in the United States in the 1960s. The main medium of graffiti is wall, but in the late 20th century, the medium created by graffiti is not just wall, its creative form and content are more diversified and diversified, and it once became the patent of avant-garde fashion designers. After so many years

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Influencing factors of high-quality cutting of laser cutting machine

Influencing factors of high-quality cutting of laser cutting machine Fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages, such as high cutting precision, narrow slit, smooth cutting surface and high efficiency. At the same time, the use of fiber laser cutting machines has significant advantages in terms of safety and environmental protection. In the future development trend, fiber

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