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Has laser welding machines been widely used in the steel industry?

Has laser welding machines been widely used in the steel industry?
With the continuous development and progress of social science and technology, laser welding has gradually penetrated into all fields of our life, and is closely related to our daily life. In many industries, traditional argon arc welding, secondary welding, and arc welding are gradually unable to meet the needs. Subsequently replaced by laser welding began to be widely used.
So where is laser welding technology used in the steel industry?
In an increasingly developing China, the urban population is also increasing, and the land price is becoming more and more expensive. Urban buildings have to develop at high altitudes, and the structures in the buildings are generally steel structures, which are steel structures made of materials such as section steel and steel plates. The structure composed of beams, steel columns and other components is one of the main construction types of modern building complexes, and for steel structures, welding is one of the essential and most important steps.
Generally, steel structures need to bear a certain weight. If traditional welding methods are used, the welding quality will not be guaranteed. Therefore, with the modernization of society, the development of the laser welding industry has been virtually driven. Today, laser welding technology has become more and more mature hair.
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