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How To Choose The Best Laser Cutters For Metal

How To Choose The Best Laser Cutters For Metal?

JNCT -1530 laser cutting machine can be equipped with different power models according to different production needs. The commonly used models are 1 kw 1.5 kw fiber laser cutter, 2kw laser cutter, 3kw fiber laser cutting machine 4kw laser cutter 1500w laser cutter, 6kw laser cutting machine etc. For producers, according to different production needs,how to choose the best laser cutters for metal is a big issues. As the metal fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, we consider the following suggestions and give corresponding suggestions:

How To Choose The Best Laser Cutters For Metal?

When comprehensively considering the selection of fiber metal laser cutting machines with different powers, we need to comprehensively consider the material of the production metal material, the thickness of the metal material, and the cutting effect, such as whether the metal cutting surface has burrs, whether the cutting surface is smooth, whether the cutting speed can meet the production requirements, and if there is any damage for the metal raw material during the fiber laser cutting process, such as deformation.

If the production daily work is to cut metal such as carbon steel below 6mm, usually a low-power 500w laser cutter can be used. At the same time, this laser cutting machine can also work on stainless steel no more than 3mm thickness, aluminum and copper plates of 2mm thickness. At present, our company no longer produces low-power laser cutting machines. If you have any requirements in this regard, please consult separately.

How To Choose The Best Laser Cutters For Metal?

At present, as a big fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, the mainstream models produced by our JNCT company are 1000w, 1.5kw 2kw, 3kw, 6kw and other medium-power laser cutting machines. It is also a power type laser cutting machine that is frequently used in industrial fiber laser cutting production and application fields.

According to different materials, choose the type of cutting machine with the corresponding power. For example, if metal producer customers need to cut metal such as carbon steel not higher than 10mm, the common ones are using laser cutting machine to cut metal carbon steel with 6-8mm, or cutting stainless steel with a maximum thickness of 5mm or even use a fiber laser cutter to cut aluminum plate and copper plate not higher than 3mm. We recommend using a 1000w laser cutting machine, there is no need to use a high-power cutting machine.

If the user want to use the fiber laser cutter to cut the metal for 10-15mm thick carbon steel, or 5mm thick aluminum plate sheet, metal copper plate and other metal plates, we recommend 2000w laser cutting machine to cut them, this 2kw fiber laser cutting machine can also cut stainless steel plates no more than 8mm.

In addition, the maximum thickness of the 3000W fiber laser cutting machine for different materials is that it can cut carbon steel with a maximum thickness of 20mm; for stainless steel, its maximum thickness is 10mm; at the same time, this 3kw metal laser cutting machine can cut the maximum thickness 8mm aluminum plate and copper plate with a maximum thickness of 8mm, etc.;

4500W metal laser cutting machine is also a commonly used type in industrial cutting. It can cut stainless steel up to 20mm, especially below 12mm. The cutting surface cut with 4500w laser cutting machine is smooth and beautiful. The 6000W cutting capacity will be better. It is also a popular model in industrial metal cutting. However, as the power increases, the corresponding configuration required will increase accordingly, and the cost and price will also increase accordingly.

Therefore, How To Choose The Best Laser Cutters For Metal? For different cutting needs, you can refer to the above different cutting machine configurations. Our JNCT laser company is a reliable laser brand, and has won the trust of our customers with a very cost-effective price and high-quality targeted service.

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