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Laser cleaning–Equipment surface layering and paint removal

Perform micron-level precision paint removal on the surface of high-speed rail, wheel-to-shaft, enameled wire and other metal or non-metal equipment, whether it is carbon steel, aluminum alloy or high-tech materials, some facilities and equipment will be multi-layered on the surface due to process requirements.
Compared with traditional industrial cleaning methods that can only remove all paint layers at one time, laser paint removal can remove the specified paint surface in layers without damaging the next layer of paint surface, saving a lot of cost and time for repeated process painting .
After laser cleaning, the paint layer and oxide film on the aluminum alloy surface are completely removed

Carbon steel surface paint removal
The surface of carbon steel is plated with red paint layer, and the surface has many scratches and poor smoothness. After laser cleaning, the surface paint layer of the sample is completely removed, and the surface is smoother

Precise paint removal on aluminum alloy surfaces
Laser cleaning can completely remove the aluminum alloy surface paint layer without damaging the substrate.

No damage to oxide layer

Oxidation removal on the surface of glass observation mirror
After laser cleaning, the oxide on the surface of the sample is completely removed, and there is no damage to the original surface of the sample

Clean Coating Plating

Highest standard metal rust removal
Laser rust removal is suitable for small area rust removal, most cleaning high value-added products, such as: precision parts cleaning, aerospace components, military industry, nuclear power industry, parts micro-processing, high-precision cleaning, environmentally friendly cleaning methods, high-precision industries Cleaning, slide rail cleaning, shipyard parts cleaning, semiconductor processing, rollers, precision parts, welding seams. Laser rust removal can replace pickling and phosphating cleaning equipment, and can also be used for stainless steel weld bead weld spot cleaning, titanium alloy cleaning, and welding parts cleaning.

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