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Laser cleaning machine cleaning graffiti

Graffiti is usually removed using steam or chemicals.

The downside of these techniques is that they don’t always work as well as they should. Using other techniques, such as sandblasting, runs the risk of damaging or abrading the underlying layer. This poses problems for softer stone types and historic buildings.

Laser cleaning machine is great for removing graffiti. The laser beam rapidly heats the paint layer, which then evaporates. Due to its higher ablation temperature, the underlying layer of stone or concrete remains cool. Therefore, the laser beam has no effect on the underlying stone or gypsum layer. Paint can be removed even on wood or glass!

Advantages of laser cleaning:
We have talked many times about the advantages of laser cleaning machines in different industries. The truth is that it’s a technique that’s becoming more and more popular in different applications, and even so, it’s still not very popular when it comes to cleaning graffiti. There are different factors that will determine whether laser cleaning is the best choice for cleaning coatings or graffiti: the amount of paint, the type of substrate, the power of our laser machines.

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