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Laser cleaning of aircraft parts

Laser cleaning of aircraft parts

Use of robotics ,Aircraft can not be repainted because it adds to the weight of the aircraft. Old paint has to be removed first.

CO2 laser wavelength is more suitable because unlike Nd:YAG it is not strongly absorbed by the metal underneath (90%reflected). However near IR laser has many advantages as well,the most important which is fiber optic delivery.

More environmentally friendly than sandblasting, water jetting and dry ice blasting due to lack of secondary waste and consumables.

Lower noise levels as compared to sandblasting and water -jetting(110-120 dB vs 70 dB).

Danger of secondary waste containing lead for other methods.
Advantages of laser cleaning
Non-contact: Only light is hitting the surface
Low environmental impact: Solid waste debris is collected by a vacuum pump
Selectivity: Certain parameters such as pulse width,fluence,wavelength and rep rate can be tuned to suite some material better than others
Localized action: Only acts where the beam is pointed
Versatility: Selection of different wavelengths for different surfaces
Controlled removal: Only a certain controlled thickness can be removed

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