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Laser cleaning, say goodbye to metal rust

Metal products are highly sought after by people because they are beautiful, durable and not easily damaged. Industrial applications and daily life are also inseparable from various metal materials. The biggest disadvantage of metal products is that they will inevitably produce rust.

The loss caused by metal corrosion is extremely serious. According to the statistics of the American Institute of Metals, the economic loss caused by metal corrosion accounts for 4% of the total production value in the world every year, and the metal scrapped due to corrosion accounts for 30% of the total output; The economic loss amounted to more than 300 billion yuan.

Metal rust removal has become a major problem that must be faced in the use of metals.

Although there are many traditional metal derusting methods, each has its own disadvantages. For example, mechanical derusting will cause environmental pollution, while chemical derusting methods can only be applied to small metal materials, and improper operation can easily damage the metal itself. Compared with the traditional derusting method, laser cleaning has high processing efficiency and good effect, so that it does not damage the root, and has become the “darling” of modern metal derusting.

The working principle of laser rust removal technology is also very simple. When the laser acts on the iron filings, it will be vaporized instantly, and after the plasma is separated, due to the high reflectivity of the underlying metal to light, the rust-removed part will not be affected by the laser irradiation. It will not be damaged anymore, so this laser derusting method is efficient and safe, and even the corners of the parts surface such as letters and bolts can be perfectly cleaned.
The laser cleaning machine launched by JNCTLASER Laser is a new generation of high-tech surface cleaning products. The machine is easy to operate, efficient and environmentally friendly, and can be automated. The cleaning effect is stable and does not require chemical cleaning fluids to avoid damage to the material itself. It can also monitor the cleaning effect in real time to realize the cleaning of specific positions and sizes. It has a hand-held cleaning head, simple structure, light weight, ergonomic design, easy operation, detachable flexible front end, and automatic focus.

JNCTLASER laser cleaning machine can accurately locate the clear part without damaging the material, and can clean the surface of very sensitive materials, such as aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, carbon fiber reinforced polymer or layer materials, with high cleaning degree, green environmental protection, no consumables .

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