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5 Star Sheet Cutter

Sheet and tube laser cutter

Muti-function in sheet and tube laser cutting

Sheet Metal Welder

Fiber laser welding machine for metal sheet

Sheet metal cutting machine is a type of fiber laser cutting machine specially designed for various sheet metal. Suitable for a variety of sheet metal products, sheet metal laser cutter not only has good performance on steel products, such as stainless steel sheet, carbon steel sheet, iron sheet, alloy steel sheet, spring steel plates sheet, etc., in addition, metal sheet fiber laser cutter can also cut non-steel products. Cutting and processing of plates such as copper sheet, aluminum, gold and silver. Sheet metal laser cutting machine is the first choice for sheet metal products. Our JNCT laser sheet metal cutting machine price is cheap, work as a good choice for industrial metal sheet cutting field.

With the development of industry, sheet laser cutting machine has been to be an increasingly important way of cutting in various fields. For example, in the field of construction engineering, sheet metal cutting machine is widely used in the cutting of low-alloy steel plates sheet and the cutting of steel plates for bridges. In the field of machinery manufacturing, the sheet metal laser cutter is used for shipbuilding steel sheet, automobile beam steel sheet, and container manufacturing steel sheet. Sheet metal cutting machine use in the manufacture of vehicles, tractors,to cut automobile static steel sheet and so on.

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--------------2021 Best Chinese Sheet Metal Laser Cutter---------

1309M laser cutter

3kw fiber laser cutting machine 1309M

3kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine PARAMETER Model:TPF1309M Working Area:1300*900 L aser Power:1000w/1 500w/2000w/3000w Laser source:MAX laser source Laser head:RayTools cutting head Control system:FSCUT 1000 Repeat Positioning Accuracy:土0.02mm Accuracy of PositioningMax.:0.03mm

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Is CNC the same as laser cutting? Different. The difference between CNC and laser cutting: CNC is mainly used for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials, such as wood, acrylic, medium density fiberboard, stone and other non-metallic materials. Laser cutting uses high-energy beams to burn through metal materials. Although laser cutting has its limitations and may not be suitable for all materials or designs, it has two main unique advantages compared to CNC cutting: Precision—–laser cutting manufacturers can set designs with a cutting width as narrow as 0.1 mm or less, while the width of tools used for CNC cutting is limited. This enables laser cutting to achieve fine cuts with extremely high precision. The cutting edge is smoother-because laser cutting involves a burning process, the edge is always clean and sealed. In addition, the cutting head of the CNC machine may tear the material around it when it rotates at a high speed. Therefore, laser cutting not only improves the functionality of the finished product, but also improves the appearance.  
How much does a CNC laser cutter cost? It needs to be calculated according to the configuration. The main factors affecting the price of laser cutting machine are
  1. Working area
  2. Laser power and brand
  3. Cutting head brand and model
  4. The brands and models of other main accessories, such as control systems, chillers, motor drives, and reducers.
  5. Whether to add additional configuration, such as large seal, exchange platform.
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