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Jewelry Laser Welder

Desktop Jewelry Laser Welder

Jewelry laser welding machine is a good laser welder in jewelry producing process and in jewelry repairment with small weight and small size.

Jewelry laser welder also called jewelry spot welder, jewellery laser welding machine, is a good tool for jewelry operater. Our JNCT laser has three models jewelery laser welder for sale, split jewelery welder, desktop jewellery laser welder, and integrated jewelery welder. If you want some cheap jewelry welder price, welcome contrac us freely.

The jewelry production is a carefully crafted process, and many production procedure need to be made by hand, which increases the jewelry processing difficulty and also raised the jewelry manufacturing cost. With the development of laser jewelry spot welder technology, the laser work in jewelry welder and manufacturing getting more popular, and Jewelry welding machines have gradually become a common manufacturing tool for jewelry makers. The jewelry laser welder application first began in 1995. It was customized by the famous jewelry and watch maker Tobias Teigelktter from ROFIN company. At that time, the laser jewelry welder process is not yet mature. With the jewelry welding machines components in recent years getting more maturity and improvement, jewelry welder have begun to be widely used in the jewelry field. The jewelry laser welder produced in China have extremely high competitive and excellent welding performance, and with cheap jewelry laser welding price, China laser welder have been recognized by more and more users.

There are two aspects application of jewelry welding machine in the jewelry industry. One is production and manufacturing. That is jewelry welding machine can be used in the jewelry inlay process. Another jewelry welding machine is used in repair and maintenance.

The traditional jewelry welder process uses a strong extrusion method to squeeze the jewelry and the holder together, which will cause certain damage to some angular jewelry. The jewelry laser welder method is used for welding inlay, which reduces the extrusion of the jewelry. At the same time, it is easier to weld the claw foot part of the jewelry, so that the jewelry inlay is simpler. In addition, in jewelry repairing, the advantages of the jewelry welder are also very obvious, It can perform more beautiful in laser spot welding, repair holes, repair cracks, etc. Therefore, common jewelry cracks, broken ring rings, necklaces all can be repaired with jewelry laser welder.

Jewelry welder can be applied to various materials jewelry, such as welding of gold and silver jewelry, welder in stainless steel jewellery , copper jewellery, gold-plated jewelry, titanium alloy jewellery, platinum and other alloy jewelry materials; Besides the jewellery, the jewellery laser welding machine also can be used for welding of precision castings, such as repairing holes for electronic components, handicrafts, dental welder, dentures, clocks, mold processing welder, and welding of precision instruments in the automotive industry.

This jewellery laser welding machine is small in size, suitable for being placed on the desk of the studio, and has a small footprint and is easy to carry.

The equipment of the jewelry welding machine is stable, easy to operate, and the welding effect is good

Our jewellery welding machine has a built-in operating table to reduce the soreness and fatigue caused by long-term welding and reduce operating pressure.

In addition, this jewelry welder is equipped with a special microscopic observation system, which is convenient for observation, and has a filter device to protect the jewelry workers ’eyes.

The luster of jewellery plays a vital role in the jewellery itself, so even a small amount of heat will cause damage to the jewellery itself, and many jewelry holders have deep doubts about this. However, the use of a laser welding machine can greatly reduce this concern. This is because the laser jewelry welder can accurately heat the local area during the jewelry inlay or repair process, and the precise energy generates a very small spot, which accurately reduces the heat. Transport to the parts that need to be welded, so that the jewelry welder processing range is smaller, and the damaging risk on the jewelry is greatly reduced. In addition, laser welder can also be carried out under the protection of inert gas without leaving fire spots on the jewellery product, so there is no need to add flux during jewellery welding, and there is no need for acid immersion after welding. It can protect the jewelry while greatly restoring the original glossiness of the jewelry, and at the same time jewellery welder can improve the efficiency of the jewelry staff. Therefore, handheld jewelry welding is becoming a necessary skill for jewelers.

At present, we have three styles of jewelry welding machine to choose : desktop jewelry laser welder, split jewelry welding machine, and integrated jewelry laser welder. The overall jewellery welding machine price is between 3500-3800 US dollars.

Among them, the desktop type laser jewelry welder has low power consumption, small size, and the total welder weight is 90kgs. It is easy to handle and carry, so we also called it portable laser welding machine. This is also the best jewellery laser welder for buyer, because it’s small size, it can save much transportation cost. Customers often choose to deliver by air. This small laser welding machine price around 3800 usd. With cheap price and small cost in transportation, this small jewellery laser welder become the most common jewelry welding machine model choice.

Split type laser jewelry welder, this laser welder is equipped with an independent chiller placed outside the welding body. This has the advantage that the chiller and the welding host are separated, which is convenient for maintenance and has better heat dissipation. The price of this split type jewelry welding machine is cost-effective, about 3500 US dollars per set.

Integrated jewelry laser welding machine, built-in cold water circulation, water-cooled integrated laser welding system, compact structure, small size, with automatic water addition function. Easy to use and operate. This integrated jewelry welding machine price is around 3600usd. For more detail and specification about jewelery laser welder, just contract us freely.

100w laser welding machine

100w desktop jewelry laser welder

MINI 100W jewelry laser welder Input power: 2KW Output power: 100w Maximum single pulse energy: 80J Laser wavelength: 1064nm Spot size: 0.3-2.5mm Power regulation: 1-100% Pulse width adjustment: 0.1-15ms Frequency adjustment: 1-20HZ Working focal length: F=110mm Working voltage: AC220V 50/60HZ

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