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MOPA pulsed laser cleaning, to meet the surface cleaning of various materials

MOPA pulsed laser cleaning, to meet the surface cleaning of various materials

The resonator of a MOPA fiber laser system is itself a fiber. MO (Master Oscillator) is the master oscillator, which is a low-power laser. Generally, a laser with an appropriate wavelength is selected. The low-power laser LD (laser Diode) can directly modulate the output parameters through the driving current, and then couple the signal light generated by the LD into the PA (Power Amplifier) ​​power amplification system through the pigtail to amplify the signal light.

MOPA laser is one of the most widely used laser cleaning applications. Since the MOPA fiber laser system can be amplified strictly according to the seed signal source coupled into the system, the relevant characteristics of the laser such as center wavelength, pulse waveform and pulse width will not be changed. Therefore, the parameter adjustment dimension is higher and the scope is wider. For different application scenarios of different materials, the adaptability is stronger, and the process window range is larger, which can meet the surface cleaning of various materials.

In addition, the MOPA laser has a high laser energy margin, and the laser cleaning equipment can be upgraded by improving the laser cleaning device, such as increasing the laser processing spot and cooperating with the intelligent system. It is worth mentioning that due to its excellent performance and flexible scene applicability, MOPA lasers are widely used in emerging industries such as new energy batteries.

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