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The difference between fiber laser cleaning machine and plasma cleaning machine

When it comes to cleaning rust, oil, and other contaminants from armored vehicles, aircraft, and other operating surfaces today, you may find that traditional cleaning methods are not what you need.Being green is a social pressure, and methods such as sandblasting or paint remover can do a lot of damage.Methods such as plasma treatment and laser cleaning may seem relatively safe for the environment, but how safe are they for the products you are cleaning?Let me take you through the research.


What is plasma cleaning?

Plasma treatment uses an ionized gas called a plasma to remove organic matter from the surface of the device.In theory, it uses gas cleaning products and then carries out a secondary cleaning process.The plasma breaks down the surface material on a chemical level, allowing the bonding to take place, but the chemical compounds leave contaminants in your operation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plasma cleaning?

In addition to being environmentally friendly and less damaging than other alternatives, plasmas can also be used in a variety of non-metallic products that do not remove contaminants easily, including plastics, glass, ceramics, etc.It can work by changing the chemical composition of the contaminant to make it look clean, but in fact, these products are not really clean.

The new compound alters the existing contaminants and adds layers.Because it’s always there, contaminants will eventually get in the way of your production process over time.For metals, this includes oxidation, which breaks down the metal material over time — leaving corrosion behind.This means that if oxides form, your product may be damaged.

In addition, when this chemical bond occurs, it leaves behind a conductive layer.This means that what you’re doing now will leave a thin layer of harmful material on the surface.Doing more plasma treatment will not remove the layer, you need to use other media cleaning to do this – such as laser ablation (laser cleaning).

Plasma processing requires other tools to make it safe to use.It cannot be operated manually, so the cleaning solution must be purchased together with the automatic spray gun operator.However, this cleaning solution will quickly degrade the automatic spray gun, from increasing the workload.


What is Fiber laser cleaning?

The laser technology distributes thousands of focused laser pulses across the pollution layer every second.Light is absorbed by the surface material and the chemical bonds are broken – turning the contaminant into a gas or removing it with high pressure pulses.Different types of lasers can be used for different cleaning, and the power range is generally between 20 and 1,000 watts.Laser cleaning is commonly used for: welding and bonding treatment, coating preparation, nuclear decontamination, surface pretreatment for non-destructive testing (NDI), laser cleaning — an upgrade to plasma cleaning

Unlike plasma, laser cleaning does not spoil your product, whether metallic or nonmetallic, and does not leave behind any additional waste or conductive material that can make subsequent cleaning nonexistent.After use, you’ll never leave behind a layer of contaminants, which means you’ll get a real, clean product.It’s safer and easier to use.The operator can use a hand-held solution or an automated solution, and the only things required are protective goggles and marking an area as an optical hazard.

Depending on your specific needs, laser technologies range from low power to high power – but low power lasers work the same way as high power lasers.In addition, laser cleaning can remove a variety of contaminants, including: rust, paint, pollutant oxide, mold, paint, oil.

What is the difference between laser cleaning and plasma cleaning:

Laser cleaning technology refers to the use of high-energy laser beam irradiation workpiece surface, is the surface of dirt, rust spots or coating instantaneous evaporation or peeling, so as to achieve clean process.Plasma cleaning is the use of the active substance in the plasma and product surface physical or chemical reaction to achieve the purpose of cleaning, plasma cleaning is actually just the microscopic surface, the degree of clarity is not as strong as laser cleaning.

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