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The world’s smallest laser cleaning equipment -TPC-50W

The original design of TPC–50W is the smallest laser cleaning equipemt to serve two major application scenarios in domestic and foreign markets: welding bead cleaning and urban graffiti. The overall power of the product is 230W, the average output power is 50W, the full power frequency is 45KHZ, and the beam quality m<1.6. Effective removal of bead black and rust paint can be achieved.

TPC–50W The size of the whole machine is 280*220*122mm, which is equivalent to the size of A4 paper. The net weight of the chassis is 6.8kg, and the total weight of the whole machine is 8kg with the 5th generation mini laser head and optical fiber cable. Whether it is hand-held, carried on the shoulder, or fixed at the workstation, it looks compact. We do the utmost miniaturization on the premise of ensuring complete functions, so that the chassis is convenient to carry or transport.

In order to save space as much as possible in the design, we innovatively designed the safety indicator light and the chassis handle into one, which makes the use more convenient while ensuring high-quality safety protection measures. At the same time, TPC–50W can also be connected to an external power battery, so that customers can move freely in places without power supply equipment, which can meet the mobility needs of urban graffiti cleaning.

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