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Top 5 handheld laser cleaner with price - portable laser cleaning machine review

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A handheld laser cleaner is a great cleaning tool for many environments. It’s can be used in homes restoration to clean hard-to-reach areas such as H beam, and also can be used in industries usage such as engine compartments and parts of vehicles. Handheld laser cleaners come with a variety of attachments that can be used for different tasks. Here we will list 5 different handheld laser cleaner include pulsed laser cleaning machine and cw laser cleaning machine, the power from 100w low power laser cleaner to 3000w high power laser cleaner. And hope it can be helpful for you to choose a suitable handheld portable laser cleaning machine. Now here the top 5 laser cleaning machine handheld tools for reference.

Difference between CW laser cleaner and pulsed laser cleaning machine

Continuous laser cleaning machines and pulsed laser cleaning machines are all handheld cleaning laser methods often used in the metal industry. High-energy laser beams are used to remove paint, rust, and oil on the surface of objects.

The difference between continuous laser and pulsed laser :

Continuous laser cleaner handheld means that the laser output is continuous, and the portable rust removing laser output is not interrupted after the laser is turned on.

Pulse laser is to compress the laser in a unit of time to output in a very small time to obtain instantaneous high energy

The continuous laser cleaning machine uses the large difference in the absorption rate of the laser energy of a certain wavelength between the pollutants and the substrate, so that the laser energy is fully absorbed by the pollutants, so that the pollutants are heated to expand or vaporize.

The pulse laser cleaning machine uses a high-frequency, high-power pulsed handheld cleaning laser to impact the surface of the object under the condition that the laser absorption rate of the substrate and the pollutant is not much different, and the laser cleaning handheld shock wave causes the pollutant to burst and separate from the surface of the substrate. The biggest difference between continuous laser and pulsed laser is that the pulsed laser cleaning machine can effectively avoid the heat accumulation on the surface of the workpiece. Check for handheld laser cleaner price now>>

Pulse laser cleaner speed contrast

MaterialBase200w300w500w1000w cw
OxideAluminum Alloy4-6m2/h(F=160)5-6m2/h(F=160)10-12m2/h(F=160)4-5m2/h(F=300)
Oxide In WeldingCarbon Steel3-6m2/h(F=160)4-6m2/h(F=160)8-12m2/h(F=160)4-6m2/h(F=300)
OxideTitanium alloy4-6m2/h(F=254)6-7m2/h(F=254)12-15m2/h(F=254)4-6m2/h(F=300)
OilMetal Surface5-6m2/h6-8m2/h12-16m2/h5-8m2/h
DustCarbon Steel5-6m2/h6-8m2/h12-16m2/h8-10m2/h
Corrosion rustCarbon Steel2-3m2/h3-4m2/h6-8m2/h4-5m2/h









Price Based On Artical Pubilished Time On16th July, 2022, plese get update price from our team. Contract US

100w portable fiber laser cleaner - The lightest handheld laser metal cleaner

This portable laser cleaner is special designed for home metal cleaning work, this light weight portable laser cleaner is made for easy handling and carry, but big enough to clean a large area. This laser cleaner handheld can be used for both indoor and outdoor jobs like cleaning (grills) in house,home renovation, garden, farm tools rust removal and paint removal or on the car rust removal and so on.

This 100w portable laser rust removal machine is also light weight in the rust removal gun, this portable fiber laser cleaner removal gun is very light as only650g, which is a high quality portable laser cleaning machine. It is light weight, easy to carry and has a long time use. This product cleans the dirty areas easily, eliminating the need for manual cleaning.

This portable fiber laser rust removal machine price is about 9000-10000 usd(Quoated in 2022). As the price is always changable with technology development, so welcome contract us for newest price if you are interested in this 100w portable cleaning machine.

Luggage 100w laser cleaning machine

portable handheld laser cleaner

Portable 100w Laser Cleaning Machine

portable fiber laser cleaner rust removal laser cleaning machine

200w handheld laser rust cleaner - The most popular portable laser paint removal

200w Pulsed laser cleaning machine is a most popular handheld laser cleaner, which cleans durable surfaces such as marble, granite and natural stone without chemicals or water. It’s the most popular portable laser paint removal tool because the work efficient is better than 100w laser cleaner, and the price is cheaper than 300w handheld laser cleaner, can meet most of people’s daily use.

100w and 200w pulsed portable laser cleaner specification compare:

Power 100W 200W
Laser type nanosecond pulsed fiber nanosecond pulsed fiber
Maximum output power (W) 100 200
Center wavelength (nm) 1064±5 1064±5
Fiber Beam Quality( M2) ≤1.6 ≤1.8
Power adjustment range(%) 10-100 10-100
Output power instability(%) ≤5 ≤5
Pulse length (ns) 10/20/30/60/ 100/200/250/350 10/30/ 60/240
Laser pulse frequency (KHZ) 20-400 20-2000
Maximum single pulse energy (mJ) 1 1
cooling method Air Cooling Air Cooling
Scanning width mm*0.7 160 160、254
Fiber length (m) 3 3、5
Laser protection class 4 4
Total power (W) 800 1300
Dimensions (mm) 538*441*685 538*441*685
Packaging size (CM) 98*68*64 98*68*64
total weight (kgs) 58 75
Packed weight( kgs) 79 92.5

Portable 200w Laser Cleaning Machine

200w laser cleaning machine size

Luggage 200w Laser Cleaning Machine

200w handheld laser rust cleaner

This 200w portable fiber laser cleaner rust removal price is 15500-17000 (Quotated On 2022) Please contract us for update quotation.

Get a professional-quality cleaning in the convenience of your own home with our portable laser cleaner. This unit is light and can be taken at anywhere, making it perfect for people who are on the go.

300w portable laser cleaning machine - The most competitive in handheld laser cleaning machine price

300w laser cleaning machine has more efficient in usage, it’s a best portable laser rust removal machine as a laser cleaning tool.

This 300w laser cleaning machine is an imported laser cleaning system for cleaning business, such as car wash, tool repair shop and paint repair shop. The best competitive price and high efficiency of this machine could help to increase your income.

An efficient and cost-effective solution, this 300W Laser Cleaner is widely used in the cleaning of stainless steel pipe and other metal surfaces. The innovative technology provides safe and effective cleaning without damaging the surface, while at the same time removing organic stains and stubborn rust. Its compact design makes it easy to use and store. With a straightforward operation, this professional machine offers you a great return on investment.

handheld laser rust remover for sale specification

Specification 300w
Max average power(W): 300w
Output central wavelength(nm) 1064+5
Beam quality(M2) ≤10
Power adjustment range(%) 10-100
Output power instability(%) <5
Pulse repetition rate(kHz) 20-50
Pulse length(ns) 130-140
Max pulse energy(mJ) 12.5
Fibre length(m) 5/10
Laser safety classification 4
cooling method Water cooling
300w portable laser cleaning machine

500w portable laser cleaning - The most efficient handheld laser cleaner

500w portable laser cleaning

This laser cleaning machine is the most efficient and powerful machine from our factory but the portable laser cleaning machine price is also the most expensive.

With this most efficient standard pulsed laser cleaning machine, you can get more efficiency when cleaning your production line and other cleaning jobs. With the fast speed of 8-16m2/h. Full spectrum system can remove the tape glue residue and improve the productivity .This handheld laser rust removal machine for sale price is 62000-65000 USD. (Quoted on 2022, please contract us for update price)

1000w CW fibre laser cleaner- Good tool in industrial handheld laser paint removal

This handheld laser cleaning machine is designed for industrial and home use as a good handheld laser paint removal tool. It is equipped with a focusable laser diode to provide intense, targeted light energy which quickly evaporates applied liquids and allows the user to control the application area.

Remove dirt, grime and smudges with the touch of a button. Powerful cleaning action cleans textured carpets and hard floor surfaces.

This powerful handheld laser cleaner is a great way to remove the toughest of dirt and grime from hard surfaces throughout your home. This will give you a great clean without all the hard work!

This 1000w portable fiber laser cleaner rust price is : 6200-7200 usd. (Quoted on 2022, please contract use for update price)

1000w portable fibre laser cleaner

2000w portable rust removal machine - Top quality in metal industrial usage

2000w handheld laser metal cleaner is the popular style portable fiber laser cleaning machine in industry use, suitable for all kinds of metal surface processing. This portable rust removal machine features high efficiency and powerful function that could clean any polluted dirt on metal surface during production process.

If you are looking for handheld laser cleaning machine for rust removal, just contract the supplier >>

3000w handheld laser metal cleaner - The high efficiency style portable fiber laser cleaning machine

The 3000w handheld laser metal cleaner adopts the most advanced optoelectronic technology to manufacture, which can remove dirt, rust, oxides and other contaminants of the metal surface layer. The powerful laser is up to 3000w in power level and comes with an integral dust collector. The portable fiber laser cleaning machine is used to clean surface debris from a variety of metal surfaces including stainless steel and aluminium.

But need to list, now 3000w portable fiber laser cleaning machine is on test stage, and there is some space for it to be mature in the future.

Check portable fiber laser cleaner rust removal laser cleaning machine price

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