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10000W Enclosed fiber laser cutting machine

10000w laser cutting machine

Product Description

10000W Enclosed fiber laser cutting machine safety and No Pollution with a fully enclosed design;Large power, long service life.The observation window adopts an European CE Standard laser protective glass;The smoke produced by cutting can be filtrated inside, it ‘s non-polluting and environmentally friendly,Provide safe protection for your cutting,suitable for metal and other materials cutting, cutting effect is perfect.

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10000W Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Product Advantages

1.10000W high power laser cutting machine adopts gantry type single side double drive structure, imported high precision reducer, rack and pinion and linear guide rail, smooth transmission, fast acceleration, high positioning accuracy.

2, the use of automatic zoom cutting head, can be set by the system parameters to change the cutting focus position, abandoning the traditional manual adjustment.

3, Equipped with lens monitoring function, can automatically identify the lens temperature is normal, to ensure the stability of product processing.

4. One-button calibration, automatic edge searching, automatic typesetting, leapfrog and other powerful process functions make the operation easier.

10000W Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Product Parameter

Working size1500*3000mm/2000*4000mm (optional)
Laser power1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w/4000w/6000w/10000w
Cutting thickness1-30mm
Cutting speed1-120mm
Laser headRaytools /Au3thech brand
Laser sourceDK/Max/Raycus/IPG
Cooling wayWater cooling
Water chillerHL/S&A
Cutting materialscarbon steel, stainless stell, iron,aluminum, copper, atc
Motor and driver Japan Fuji/ Yaskawa servo brand
Table TypeSawtooth table
Power supplier220V/380V

10000w Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Main Parts

enclosed accessories

10000W Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Samples

laser cutting samples

Packaging & Shipping

We cooperate with a number of shipping companies with ocean transportation experience to ensure that the enveloping fiber laser cutting machine is safely delivered to your hands.

Standard 3 layer export package
1.Outside plywood package with metal belt
2.Middle size foam
3. Inner side waterproof film

enclosed cutting ship