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Fiber Laser Welder

Fiber Laser welding has a high energy density, can form a weld with a relatively large depth and width, and has the advantages of a small heat-affected zone and beautiful weld performance. Fiber laser welding has been more and more widely used in the field of welding, especially in aviation In aerospace, shipbuilding, automobiles and parts, rail locomotives and other national defense and military industries and advanced manufacturing industries, laser welding has begun to show its strengths. In recent years, with the continuous development of high-power fiber laser technology, the application of high-power fiber laser welding machine has become more and more extensive.

Like other lasers, high-power fiber lasers welder are also composed of a pump source, a gain medium and an optical resonator. The difference is that the gain medium of a fiber laser welding machine is usually a double-clad fiber, which has a special Structured optical fiber, which adds an inner cladding layer compared with conventional optical fiber. This fiber structure increases the pump length and greatly improves the pump efficiency, thereby increasing the output power of the fiber laser by several orders of magnitude.

High power fiber laser welding machine has the characteristics of good beam quality, long life and high conversion efficiency, and its main performance has been significantly better than pumped solid-state lasers and CO2 lasers. It is specifically manifested in the following aspects:

1) Fiber laser welding machine has high beam quality

Compare the relationship between the beam quality parameter (BPP) and output power of different types of industrial lasers. The smaller the BPP value, the better the beam quality. It can be concluded that fiber laser welding machine has better beam quality than other lasers, only in the range of 5000w to 10000watts, which is slightly inferior to carbon dioxide lasers.

2) Fiber laser welding machine is more cost-effective

The fiber laser’s electrical-optical conversion efficiency of the fiber laser welder is as high as 28%. The efficiency of the existing traditional laser technology is incomparable with that of the fiber laser.

The fiber laser welder does not require a huge water cooling system. Low-power fiber lasers only need air cooling, and high-power fiber lasers are water-cooled, which is simpler and lower in cost compared with other equivalent laser technologies.

Because the fiber laser welder adopts a more efficient design and adopts a telecommunication-grade single-core junction pump source, it saves spare parts (such as lamps and semiconductor arrays), labor and downtime.

The the fiber laser welding machine does not need to adjust the optical device, which is maintenance-free or low-maintenance.

(3) Longer working distance

The fiber laser of the fiber laser welding machine is compact in structure, small in size, and easy to system integration. It adopts optical fiber conduction, easy to use, strong environmental adaptability, longer working distance, suitable for long-distance processing, and easy to realize automation and flexible processing.


It can be seen from the above that fiber lasers have obvious advantages in terms of quality, performance and cost. So, in summary, what are the advantages of fiber lasers in laser welding? First of all, the power of laser welding in the industry is generally between 500w and 1000w, and the fiber laser has a beam quality that cannot be matched by all other lasers in this range. That is, under the same laser power, the fiber laser can obtain a laser beam with a smaller divergence angle and a higher energy density. It can be seen that fiber laser can obtain greater welding penetration and has a very high level of processing capability. On the other hand, the wavelength of fiber laser is smaller, and the absorption rate of metal materials is higher. Therefore, compared with CO2 laser, fiber laser welding produces less metal vapor/plasma, and it is easier to form narrow and deep welds. Sewing shape. Therefore, fiber lasers have important application prospects in the field of welding.

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