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200w laser cleaning machine

200w handheld laser rust cleaner
  • Name:200W Air Cooling Laser Cleaning Machine
  • Laser Type: Nanosecond Pulse Fiber
  • Maximum output power : 200w
  • Center wavelength : nm 1064±5
  • Fiber beam quality: M2 ≤1.8
  • Power adjustment range(%): 10-100
  • Output power instability% ≤5
  • Pulse length Optional(ns): 10, 30, 60,240
  • Laser pulse frequency( KHZ) : 20-2000
  • Maximum single pulse energy(MJ) : 1
  • Cooling method: Air cooling
Our 200W laser cleaning machine is a new generation of surface cleaning high-tech products. It is very easy to install, manipulate and achieve automated operation.This 200w laser rust removal ergonomic design makes it possible to reduce man power requirements and save costs. As laser cleaning machine 200w is a kind of special cleaning equipment that uses laser technology, which is safe, effective and environmental-friendly.

200w laser cleaning machine main Parts

The fourth generation dual purpose laser head Handheld and automatic 2D laser head Easy to hold and integrate with automation

Easy to operate and has various usage

RFL-P100 has the characteristics of high average power, high single pulse energy, square or circular homogenized light spot output, convenient use and maintenance, etc.

Stable and efficient imported / domestic famous brands(RAYCUS or IPG /SiemensWeichuang,etc.)accessories and components are adopted to ensure the stable andreliable operation of the equipment.Easy to operate,complete and diverse functions.

Aimple software prestore of various parame ter graphics

Laser cleaning machine 200w application

200w laser cleaning machine are widely used in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive and electronics. In the process of working with a laser cleaning machine, the surface of the object is irradiated by a high-power laser beam and melts away the contaminants, leaving only clean metal behind.

  • 1).Metal surface oxides, oil cleaning;
  • 2). Cleaning of old paint on outer surface of aircraft;
  • 3). Cleaning plastic, oil and rust on metal mold surface;
  • 4). Oxide removal of components before PCB welding:
  • 5). Metal weld surface oxide cleaning;
  • 6). Parts suface ester, mineral oil cleaning;
  • 7). Cleaning the paint layer on the surface of the object;
  • 8). Cleaning of contaminants on the surface of ancient tile, stone material and glass, etc.

The advantages of using 200 watt laser cleaning machine are:

  • 1).The process can be carried out in a short time;
  • 2). No secondary pollution occurs during operation;
  • 3). It can be done at any time and place because it does not require any consumables;
  • 4). It is highly precise;
  • 5). It can be used on various types of surfaces;
  • 6). There is no need for special training or skills to use it

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