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sheet metal laser cutting machine

Commen problems for sheet metal laser cutting machine

Laser cutting of medium and heavy plates sheet by sheet metal laser cutting machine is a very good method, which is also the current trend. However, if it is not handled properly during use, problems will occur. The following is an example of JNCT LASER TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. to illustrate common problems encountered when sheet metal

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Stainless steel cutting machine: why you can’t get the ideal cutting effect?

Stainless steel cutting machine: Why you can’t get the ideal cutting effect?

Stainless steel is a common metal material in life. Cutting is definitely used to process stainless steel raw materials. At present, the most suitable way to cut stainless steel is fiber laser cutting. Stainless steel cutting machine is to use a focused high-power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece to melt the irradiated material, and at the same

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How To Choose The Best Laser Cutters For Metal

How To Choose The Best Laser Cutters For Metal?

JNCT -1530 laser cutting machine can be equipped with different power models according to different production needs. The commonly used models are 1 kw 1.5 kw fiber laser cutter, 2kw laser cutter, 3kw fiber laser cutting machine 4kw laser cutter 1500w laser cutter, 6kw laser cutting machine etc. For producers, according to different production needs,how to choose the best laser cutters for metal is a big

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laser welding

Three Laser Types: YAG Laser, CO2 Laser Fiber Laser

In 2007, the laser field is gradually upgrading from traditional lasers, and fiber lasers have been used in a large number of industrial applications. The domestic fiber laser industry has emerged in a number of companies represented by Ruikuchongxin laser, and gradually realizing industrialization upgrades from low power to high power. At present, there are three

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laser cleaning metal

Laser cleaning metal tips – Productive hacks to improve your metal rust removal work

With the development of laser technology, laser cleaning machine has been widely used in almost all industrial fields, such as metal laser cleaning in automobiles, rail transit, ships, aerospace, home appliances, consumer electronics, photovoltaics, optics, hardware, electroplating and other fields. Metal laser cleaning tips: Different metal materials have different absorption coefficients for the laser wavelength. The

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fiber laser cutting machine

How does laser cutting machine work?

How does laser cutting machine work? First of all, we need to know why laser cutting is used? There are many uses for lasers, one of which is for cutting metal. On carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum plates, the laser cutting process has high precision and excellent cutting quality. The cut width is very small

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