Laser cleaning machine in PCB/IC industry

At present, with the continuous shrinking of semiconductor technology, advanced integrated circuit devices have been transformed from planar to three-dimensional structures, and integrated circuit manufacturing processes are becoming more and more complex, often requiring hundreds or even thousands of process steps. For the manufacture of advanced semiconductor devices, after each process, there will be more or

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Practical application field of laser cleaning machine

1. Laser cleaning machine is used in the cleaning of building exterior walls The laser cleaning machine is used in the cleaning of black spots and stains on various stone materials such as buildings and stone monuments. It has a very good effect on protecting the appearance of ancient buildings and restoring them. The cleaning problem

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laser rust removal gun

Pulse laser rust removal gun

Laser rust removal gun is considered to be an effective laser cleaning tool for rust removal and dust removal in many people’s consciousness, but in fact, laser rust removal gun is not used alone, but an important part of laser cleaning machine. People use handheld laser rust removal gun to complete the laser cleaning work. Now

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Application of laser cleaning machine in automotive manufacturing industry

In the automotive manufacturing process, drawing or cooling lubricants and anti-rust oils used can contaminate automotive components and severely degrade the quality of subsequent high-energy joining or bonding processes. The welds and bonds in the powertrain components must meet strict quality standards, so the joints must be thoroughly cleaned. Traditional cleaning methods are time-consuming, cannot be

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What are the methods of mold cleaning?

In the rubber and silicone industry, it has always been a headache to remove the dirt in the mold. Because vulcanized rubber and silicone need to be carried out at high temperature, some oil and chemicals in the rubber compound remain in the mold after a long time. Coking at high temperatures requires the formation of

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