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500w laser cleaning machine

500w portable laser cleaning
  • Power: 500w laser cleaner
  • Laser type:nanosecond pulsed fiber
  • Maximum output power (W): 500
  • cooling method: Water Cooling
  • Scanning width mm*0.7:150、200、250、300
  • Dimensions (mm): 1080*710*1170
  • Packaging size (CM):122*81*140
  • total weight (kgs): 233
  • Packed weight( kgs) : 274

500W laser cleaner technical data

Power500W laser cleaning machine
Laser typenanosecond pulsed fiber
Maximum output power (W)500
Center wavelength (nm)1064±5
Fiber Beam Quality( M2)≤62.5
Power adjustment range(%)10-100
Output power instability(%)≤5
Pulse length (ns)130-160
Laser pulse frequency (KHZ)20-50
Maximum single pulse energy (mJ)25
cooling methodWater Cooling
Scanning width mm*0.7150、200、
Fiber length (m)10
Laser protection class4
Total power (W)4500
Dimensions (mm)1080*710*1170
Packaging size (CM)122*81*140
total weight (kgs)233
Packed weight( kgs)274

500 watt laser cleaner feature

  • High-Tech non-contact cleaning
With professional high-tech non-contact cleaning technology, this 500w laser rust removal machine will leave your floor as good as new. There is no need for any chemicals, it is safe and environmentally friendly, 500 watt laser cleaner leaving the surface clean and without a trace of your feet.
  • Laser cleaning 500w Customizable personalized cleaning head
The 500W laser cleaning machine uses imported high-speed scanning motors from the United States (USA), and the laser cleaning machine 500w is small in size, high precision and good stability. Adopted a wide range of cleaning cloths, can easily clean all kinds of furniture, cars and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Unique self-developed cleaning software control system
Our unique self-developed cleaning software control system has all the operating functions and capabilities needed for high-performance laser and clean head control. We have created a clear, concise control interface to make it easy to operate. With no special training required, our software allows you to set and adjust all parameters based on your needs. With our system, you can achieve selective cleaning of precise location and accurate size.
  • Professional laser cleaning optical design
500w laser rust removal has high damage threshold of scanning mirror and F-theta lens; This 500w laser cleaner has continuously long-time working more than 10 hours.

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