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The CNC fiber laser cutting machine is a necessary cutting tool in the metal industry application field. It is suitable for the cutting and producing various metal materials. At JNCT, you will find the best laser cutting machine on the market. The laser cutter we produce is specially designed for metal materials: iron cutting machine, carbon steel laser cutter, stainless steel fiber laser cutter, aluminum cutter, copper or brass cutter, etc.

Featured laser machines include beginner friendly laser cutting machine, economical industrial laser cutting machine, professional sheet metal cutting machine, tube laser cutter, high-power professional industrial laser cutting machine. Now, we provide a comprehensive selection guide for CNC laser cutter in the metal industry, if you are buying a laser cutter, we hope to help you find a suitable and cost-effective laser cutter at the best price.




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The most cost-effective laser cutting machine





Independent CNC- control cabinet, long service life





Metal sheet and pipe integrated laser cutter





Dual platforms can be exchanged, saving cutting time and improving efficiency





Surrounded, safe and environmentally friendly

TPF-3015P Laser Cutting Machine

TPF 3015P is an entry-level model for industrial laser cutter and a common model with a wide range of metal cutting applications. This fiber laser cutter achieves the greatest balance between economy, practicality, ease of use and functionality. The laser machine cutting area is 3000*1500mm, and the maximum cutting speed is 35m/min. According to different power, this fiber laser cutter machine can cut 1-20mm metal. In addition, our JNCT company designed and developed the latest appearance and size for this commonly using model, which can help users save the laser cutter transportation cost from China to word wide by sea. It’s also a best laser cutter for small business, in affordable laser cutting machines, we will recommend this TPF 3015P laser cutter with good price for you.

metal laser cutter

TPF-3015H industrial laser cutter with independent CNC

This CNC laser cutting machine with an independent control cabinet which is equipped with a cutting power of more than 2000w. This cnc laser cutter can automatically focus and automatically adjust the cutting height. At the same time, we upgraded the thickness of the fiber laser cutting machine body to enable it to carry thicker and heavier metal sheet, with a total weight of three tons. The size of the cutting work area is 3000*1500mm. In order to reduce electromagnetic interference, an independent CNC control cabinet is added to separately prevent the laser and electrical components, and this CNC laser cutter is equipped with a small air conditioner to achieve better cooling effects. All of these are to extend the service life of the laser cutter machine, this cutting machine use time can reach 50000-100000 hours, and at the same time, to minimize the laser cutting machine cost in daily use, and the fiber laser cutter electricity cost is only 1/5 of the CO2 laser cutting machine.


TPF3015PT Metal sheet and tube integrated laser cutter

This metal sheet & tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine is a product designed for small and medium-sized enterprises business with most function and cheap price. It has the characteristics of multiple functions in one laser cutter. The small business owner not only can use it as metal sheet laser cutter, but also can use it as tube laser cutting machine. We would want to say that it is the best cutting machine choice for small business. For the power, this fiber laser cutter can work accordance with 1000w-6000w. CNC integrated capacitors can automatically calibrate the focus with high sensitivity and automatically control the cutting height. In terms of pipe cutting, it can automatically align the center position of the square or round pipe for cutting, and the cutting loss is small.

3015E metal laser cutter

TPF3015E Dual Platform Fiber Laser Cutter

This is a fiber laser cutting machine specially designed for sheet metal processing with the highest production efficiency. The cutter power configuration above 4000w realizes the best industrial production requirements. The size of the laser cutting machine working platform is 3000*1500mm, and the processing thickness of the cutter plate is 2-25mm. This fiber cutting machine is equipped with 2 replaceable working platforms with lifting devices, which this laser cutter device is driven by the motor to control the operation of the cutting platform, it can maximize the saving of the time in feeding and discharging during the cutting process of the metal sheet, and the time of cutter changing the table only cost 12 seconds, highly improve production efficiency. This cutting machine is suitable for sheet metal manufacturers who can cut up to 25mm. This laser cutter working with medium and high power laser generators can be suitable for cutting various thin, medium and thick metal sheet.

10000w laser cutting machine

TPF3015STE High Power Surrounding Laser Cutting Machine

This laser cutting machine continues the function of cutting tubes and metal sheets that TPF3015PT has. And this cutting machine has outstanding performance in cutting pipes. It can cut round pipes from 20-220mm or cut square pipes from 20-140mm. This laser cutting machine is a high-power laser and cutting machine with a protective shell developed for the needs of environmental protection and human health. 3000w-20000w power is workable for this laser cutter. This high power industrial laser cutter adopts a fully enclosed mode to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the smoke and dust generated in the laser cutting process. In addition, this cnc fiber laser cutter separates people from the laser cutting machine, which protects people's eye to the greatest extent. At the same time, this cnc laser cutter also avoids the risk of accidents during the laser cutter machine operation.

2021 Best Laser Cutting Machine
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4KW Laser Cutter / best 4000w fiber laser cutting machine for sale

TPF3015H 4kw laser cutter-4000w fiber laser cutting machine 4kw Laser Cutting Machine Description 4kw laser cutter metal sheet cutting machine, cutting thickness is 1-30mm. This 4000w fiber laser cutting machine is Open cabin type. The working area are 5 types for choice :1300*2500mm fiber, 1500*3000mm fiber, 1500*6000mm fiber, 2000*4000mm fiber, 2000*6000mm

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Best cnc tube cutting machine price

Best cnc tube cutting machine price CNC Tube laser cutting machine description CNC tube cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of tubes, no matter of cutting round pipe, square tube, flat tube, U-shaped tube and so on, For the tube material, the channel steel, I-steel and other metal

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3kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

3kw Raycus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Laser Cutting Machine Description 3kw Fiber laser cutting machine can cut 1-18mm carbon steel, 1-8mm stainless steel. The different power for cutting different thickness, so after talking, we will recommend the suitable one to you. As a professional machine for cutting metal, it has

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3015E metal laser cutter

Chinese cnc steel sheet cutting machine for sale

Chinese cnc steel sheet cutting machine for sale Chinese cnc steel sheet cutting machine for sale description Our cnc steel sheet cutting machine is for sale now. This cnc steel sheet cutter suitable for cutting metal steel sheet materials, steel plate include carbon steel, iron steel, no matter the 304 ,

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4kw laser cutting machine

4kw Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine CNC

4kw Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Description Jinan Changtai laser specialize in fiber laser cutting machines,metal laser cutter,steel laser cutting machine,laser metal cutter, laser tube cutting machine and so on. Fiber laser cutting machine it can do plane cutting, can also do bevel cutting processing, and the edge

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