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Q1:Are you factory?
Yes, we are laser machines manufacturer for more than 10 years.

Q2: I have nothing knowledge about laser cutting machine, how can I do?

Just leave message to us what you want to do with the machine, let’s do the rest.

Q3: When I got the machine, how should I operate it?

We will send video and teach you step by step.

Q4: Is it easy to operate?

Its very easy, our after market technician will help you to use it.

Q5: How about the quality guarantee?

1.Guarantee for 3 years.
2. Maintenance free of charge for 3 years .
3.24 hours multi-language online service

Q6: Payment terms?

Trade assurance/TT/West Union/Payple/LC/Cash and so on.

Different. The difference between CNC and laser cutting:

CNC is mainly used for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials, such as wood, acrylic, medium density fiberboard, stone and other non-metallic materials. Laser cutting uses high-energy beams to burn through metal materials. Although laser cutting has its limitations and may not be suitable for all materials or designs, it has two main unique advantages compared to CNC cutting:

Precision—–laser cutting manufacturers can set designs with a cutting width as narrow as 0.1 mm or less, while the width of tools used for CNC cutting is limited. This enables laser cutting to achieve fine cuts with extremely high precision.

The cutting edge is smoother-because laser cutting involves a burning process, the edge is always clean and sealed. In addition, the cutting head of the CNC machine may tear the material around it when it rotates at a high speed. Therefore, laser cutting not only improves the functionality of the finished product, but also improves the appearance.

It needs to be calculated according to the configuration. The main factors affecting the price of CNC laser cutting machine are

  1. Working area
  2. Laser power and brand
  3. Cutting head brand and model
  4. The brands and models of other main accessories, such as control systems, chillers, motor drives, and reducers.
  5. Whether to add additional configuration, such as large seal, exchange platform.

The cnc laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting metal, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, galvanized sheet and other metal plates or pipes.

Depending on the nature of the material to be cut, the thickness of the material that can be cut by a CNC lase cutting machine of the same power is different. For example, carbon steel is a non-high-reflection material, 1000W cutting machine can cut to 12mm. But for stainless steel, aluminum and other high-reflection materials, it can only cut 1-5mm.

For metal pipes, there are now plate-tube integrated fiber laser cutting machines and professional laser pipe cutting machines to choose from. Can be selected according to processing requirements.

Mini cnc laser cutting machine is also called precision fiber cutting machine, mainly used for high-precision cutting and engraving. For example, the cutting of precious metals such as gold and silver requires high precision, and when the length and width of the material are small, and the thickness is relatively thin, it is recommended to choose a mini cnc laser cutting machine.

CNC sheet metal laser cutting machine is a kind of precision metal cutting machine, which is the best choice for high-speed and precision cutting of metal. CNC metal laser cutting machine is mainly used for stainless steel plate cutting, iron plate cutting, aluminum plate cutting and so on.

JN Changtai TPF-1530 CNC sheet metal laser cutting machine is an ideal entry-level laser cutting machine without any high purchase costs or training costs. The flat-panel fiber laser cutting machine is simple to operate and maintain, providing users with powerful cutting capabilities and efficiency.

Advantages of CNC sheet metal laser cutting machine

  1. Simple operating system, which can realize the rapid cutting of the shape you want on metal materials such as steel, iron, aluminum plate, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and galvanized plate.
  2. Independent electric control cabinet, strong and weak electricity separation, make your maintenance more convenient and safer.
  3. Aeronautical aluminum alloy beams ensure a running speed of up to 100m/min.
  4. The guide rails, racks and other accessories are selected worldwide to ensure cutting accuracy.

5.12mm plate and tube welded heavy-duty bed can keep the machine without deformation for 20 years.

  1. When considering the price of sheet metal laser cutting, the laser cutting edge is smoother. If all costs are included, you can save money and time costs.

The cnc fiber laser cutting machine vaporizes metal plates or pipes instantly through high-temperature laser, and the auxiliary gas blows away the vaporized plate slag at the same time to separate them, and completes the cutting and processing of materials with the mechanical movement of the machine.

According to the shape of the cutting material, there are mainly sheet fiber laser cutting machines, professional fiber laser tube cutting machines, and plate and tube integrated laser cutting machines on the market.

CNC routers and laser cutting machines are popular applications for the production of precision parts and assemblies for manufacturers. The differences between CNC ROUTER and laser cutting machines can cause confusion because each application performs similar functions. Each tool is managed by a computer numerical control (CNC) machine used in precision engineering. Both are used in manufacturing processes in a range of manufacturing fields. Each can improve the efficiency, performance, capacity and reduce waste of cutting parts.

However, there is a difference between CNC cutter and laser cutting. Both machines provide manufacturers with their unique features and advantages. There are some differences that affect which process is best for the application. Please see the following specific introduction.

CNC router

The CNC router is a contact cutting, and its obvious advantage is the versatility and flexibility of automated CNC cutting. CNC routers are good at cutting or engraving plastic, foam, wood, composite materials, acrylic and other materials quickly and accurately

Laser cutting machine

Like the CNC router, a control system is needed to control the laser cutting machine. The main difference is how to achieve cutting. This is a non-contact, heat-based process that uses a focused high-power laser beam to cut customized shapes and designs from the material. No need for custom-designed tools. Cutting relies on heat to perform precise cuts. The high-energy beam is not an engraving, but a burning material, which is more suitable for cutting metal, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, galvanized sheet and other materials.

The CO2 laser engraving machine uses a CO2 laser tube as the energy source, and its main function is to cut and engrave non-metallic materials, such as wood, acrylic, PVC, plastic, paper, fabric, textiles, leather, stone, glass, etc. The laser power can be selected according to different cutting and engraving depths. Jinan Changtai CNC Technology Co., Ltd. can now use 80W-300W CO2 laser machines. You can also add a rotating device to carve cylindrical parts, such as glasses, trophies and so on.

The main configuration of fiber laser cutting machine:

  1. Laser source
  2. Control system and software
  3. Cutting head
  4. motor and driver
  5. Rails and racks
  6. Reducer
  7. Proportional valve
  8. Automatic lubricator
  9. Electrical components
  10. Machine bed
  11. beam
  12. Vulnerable parts:
  13. Protective lens, focusing lens, nozzle, ceramic ring, collimating lens
  14. In order to ensure the cutting effect, it can be matched with an air compressor, and some countries also need to choose a voltage stabilizer.