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1000w 1kw handheld fiber laser welding machine for sale

1000w 1kw handheld fiber laser welder product description

Our JNCT Laser engineer specially designed the 1000w 1kw fiber laser welding machine for sale with smaller size and weight to avoid the big cost in sea freight fee during the COVID-19. Featured handheld laser welder size is 127*117*69 cm; the gross weight of the laser welding machine is 245kg, either suitable for shipped by air with small size or shipped by sea with more quantities in one container. Now this 1000w laser welding / 1kw handheld fiber laser welding machine is for sale with competitive price now, if you are interested in it, wlecome contract us by whatsapp directly: 0086 18366134656

Handheld Laser Welder Spare Parts

  • Higher laser utilization
  • 1000w handheld laser welding machine with high electro-optical conversion efficiency
  • The output core diameter is smaller, the energy density is high, and the welding effect is better
  • The laser adopts modular design
  • The system is highly integrated
  • Maintenance – Free
  • High reliability

Automatic wire feeder

  • Automatic uniform wire feeding for smoother welding

laser welder head gun

Laser Welder Gun

  • Integrated gas protection
  • Handheld comfort
  • Welding distance assistance
  • New welding head Safe and reliable, fast and beautiful welding

Operating System

  • Fully digital design
  • Clear work status at a glance
  • Customized language
  • Seven welding modes
  • Six languages supported
  • Simple operation, easy to use
  • Quick coordination with technicians

Water Chiller

  • Built-in water cooling design
  • Rapid cooling
  • Make the machine more stable

Handheld Laser Welder Video Show

1000w 1kw handheld fiber laser welding machine for sale

What’s the fiber laser welding machine ?

Fiber laser welding machine is an efficient and precise welding method that uses high-energy laser pulses to heat materials. The welding process is thermally conductive. The laser radiation heats the surface of the work piece, and the surface heat diffuses into the interior through heat conduction. By controlling the width, power, peak power and frequency of the laser pulse, the work piece is melted to form a specific molten pool.

The characteristics of the fiber laser welding machine are non-contact type, energy density concentration and small heat impact; high processing accuracy, easy to realize automation. This 1kw fiber laser welder has been widely used in aviation, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, automobiles and other industries.

The 1000W laser welding machine has a small footprint, high flexibility and simple operation, which is very suitable for beginners to use and purchase. It can help you easily realize automatic welding with high productivity and high precision manufacturing

1000w fiber laser welding machine parameter:

Machine Model

TPW-1000W laser welding machine

Max Laser Power


Laser Type

Fiber Laser Source

Source Brand


Laser Medium


Laser wavelength


Max Power of Single Impulse


Pulse Width


1kw Leaser Welding Frequency


Instability of energy


Beam Divergence


Minimal Beam Diameter


Adjustable scope of laser spot


Welding depth


Continue Working Time


How does a 1000w fiber laser welding machine work ?

This 1kw fiber laser welding machine has six spot modes, which can better adapt to the processing requirements of different workpieces.

1000w handheld laser welder spot mode: The motor in the handheld head does not perform swing work, which is the state with the smallest light spot. Strong penetrating power, can be used for welding thick metals, such as 5mm carbon steel butt welding

Straight line method : In the 1kw laser welding machine work process, the laser welder worker should held the motor in the head for swing work, connect the dots into a line, adjust the width, and have a certain penetration force to the thick plate. It is suitable for fillet welding and splicing welding.

1kw fiber laser welder circular method: laser welder swing the two motors with the head to make the edge of the light spot round. The diameter of this 1000w laser welder can be adjusted. The energy density is evenly distributed. Mainly used for welding thin plates. Such as 0.5mm stainless steel and so on.

1kw laser welder handheld head frequency: the higher the frequency, the faster the motor speed. Dense light spot, suitable for thin plate welding, not easy to penetrate the plate. The lower the frequency, the slower the rotation of the motor, the clear outline of the spot, and the strong energy, which is suitable for thick plate welding.

Laser welding machine hand-held head width: welding width 0.2-5mm. The welding width needs to be determined according to the size of the gap between the metal plates and the diameter of the welding wire. The larger the welding width, the larger the laser range, and the energy will be relatively dispersed.

Application of 1000w 1kw handheld fiber laser welding machine

Fiber Laser Welding industry : Mainly used in aviation, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, automobiles, etc.

1kw handheld laser welder also popular work in auto parts: hydraulic ejector rods, filters, sensors, solenoid valves, etc.

Kitchen and bathroom appliances: 1000w laser welder used in kettles, faucets, hooks, sinks, range hoods, etc.

Laser welding machine used in energy, lighting, building materials industry: such as welding of heat conducting plates for solar water heaters.

Welding materials: Laser welding stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, zinc and some alloy materials, the thicker the material, the greater the laser power required

Whats the advantage of 1000w 1kw fiber laser welding machine?

  1. Wide welding range: The 1kw handheld welding machine head is equipped with 10m-15m original optical fiber cable, which overcomes the limitation of workbench space and can be used for outdoor welding and long-distance welding. You can also customize the 20m ultra-long optical fiber line for processing.
  2. Convenient and flexible to use: The bottom of the laser welder machine is equipped with pulleys, which is convenient to move, and the working position can be adjusted at any time, which is suitable for various working environments.
  3. A variety of welding methods: welding at any angle can be realized: splicing welding, butt welding, vertical welding, overlap welding, slange welding, stub welding, etc. In addition, it can also realize cutting work, mainly cutting 0-2mm thin metal. You only need to change the welding copper nozzle to the cutting copper nozzle, which is very convenient.
  4. Fiber laser welding seam does not require secondary processing: after traditional welding, the welding spot needs to be polished to ensure flatness. Fiber laser welding has many advantages in processing effects, such as smooth and no fish scales, beautiful appearance and no scars, and fewer subsequent polishing procedures. Almost no secondary processing is required to achieve one-time molding.
  5. The fiber laser welding without consumables: The welding operation in most people’s impression is “left hand goggles, right hand clamp welding wire”. The handheld fiber laser welding machine can easily complete the welding, reducing the material cost in the production and processing. Later maintenance costs are also low.
  6. Lower the barriers to use: The operation of the 1kw laser welding machine is simple, easy to learn, and quick to get started. The technical requirements for the operators are not high. Workers without welding experience can be employed after short-term training, and can easily achieve high-quality welding results.
Packaging & Shipping for 1000w fiber laser welding machine

Packaging :

  1. We choose to export wooden boxes without fumigation;
  2. We will use packing straps to reinforce and tie the machine and the bottom of the wooden box together;
  3. Before shipping, we will post a warning slogan, nameplate and company logo on the machine;
  4. Wrap with shrink film to avoid friction caused by the 1kw laser welding machine;
  5. We will use pearl cotton to wrap around the machine to avoid scratching between the machine and the wooden box;
  6. We will use wooden blocks to fix the four pulleys of the machine;
  7. Finally, the wooden box is sealed, and the mark is affixed, waiting for the logistics company to pick up the goods to the port

Shipping :

  • Due to the small size and low weight of the fiber laser welding machine, most customers will choose air freight and international express for transportation. ( Like DHL , Fedex ,TNT etc ).
  • Packaging size of the machine is 127*117*69 cm;
  • the gross weight of this 1kw fiber laser welding machine is 245kg.
  • The transportation time of the laser welder machine is generally 7-15 working days.
  • By the way , If the customer purchases a large quantity (more than 2 units), we suggest to take LCL by sea, which can greatly save freight. The shipping time is generally 20-35 working days .

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