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Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

100w portable laser cleaning machine

This a mini laser cleaning machine that is truly portable and convenient! You can take it anywhere to clean – metal, glasses, mold, etc. This mini portable laser cleaning machine is safe to use and easy-to-use. It’s like having your own portable electronics repair expert in your home.

  • Maximum Power:100w
  • Beam quality(M2): 1.6
  • Weight:10.5kg
  • System power sypply requirement: 220v
  • Laser protection class:4
  • Scan width:150mm
  • Cooling method: air cooling
  • System dimensions(L*W*H,mm): 359.5*380*152

Portable laser cleaner is used for cleaning printed circuit boards, machine tools, microelectronic devices and other precision equipment surface. The system combines the advantages of vacuum suction and laser cleaning technologies, has a stable cleaning efficiency, no chemical cleaning liquid and automation, which can save labor and reduce production costs.

Portable laser cleaning machine is a newly developed instrument. It can record automatically and save the cleaning time, position and size of the target object. The laser light with high energy density can be absorbed by dust and dirt on the surface of the object to generate heat energy, so that these micro particles break down into small pieces and then fly away with flowing air. Thus it can achieve selective cleaning at same time and realize one-step cleaning process.

Portable laser cleaning machine video show

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine Spare Parts

This is a portable laser cleaning machine, which can be used in almost any location. It is easy to operate and control. With the help of this machine, you can remove dirt and stains from your favorite items. Not only does it provide you with a simple way of saving time and effort but also provides an efficient way to clean surfaces efficiently.

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100w portable laser cleaner