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3kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1309M laser cutter
  • Model:TPF1309M
  • Working Area:1300*900
  • L aser Power:1000w/1 500w/2000w/3000w
  • Laser source:MAX laser source
  • Laser head:RayTools cutting head
  • Control system:FSCUT 1000
  • Repeat Positioning Accuracy:土0.02mm
  • Accuracy of PositioningMax.:0.03mm
  • Movement Speed:170m/min
  • Max.CuttingSpeed:80m/min
  • Power Consumption:<10KW
  • Water chiller:Hanli/Tongfei/Cw
  • Specified voltage and frequency:380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A(Customiz)

Machine Description

The 3kw fiber laser cutting machine can cut metal plates,, It’s can cut 1-25mm carbon steel, 1-10mm stainless steel. It’s use the high quality parts, Raycus/Max brand laser source, Raytools fiber laser head , Cypcut control system and Japan FUJI/Yaskawa servo motors and drives, the best configurations and the best quality on Chinese market, 3 kw fiber laser cutting machine has high precision and extremely fast cutting speed, with a large torque, the performance of the machine is very stable and durable, it can ensure the high speed operation of the whole machine.

Machine Features

  1. The 3kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has a incredible cutting ability , It can cut1-25mm carbon steel, 1-10mm stainless steel
  2. High-performance laser source and stable operating system which make the best cutting effect.
  3. High precision of the machine: The imported servo motor cooperates with the imported ball screw transmission, which greatly improves the response speed and cutting accuracy of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the product
  4. The machine is capable of automatic height adjustment to maintain constant focal length and stable cutting quality.
  5. The machine is used for cutting a variety of metals with excellent and stable cutting quality.
  6. The specialized CAD / CAM automatic programming software and automatic nesting software aim to maximally save raw materials.
  7. Access to the CNC system through Ethernet interface makes communication and remote monitoring possible during the laser cutting process.

Main Parts

Laser cutting head

  • The high efficiency cooling
  • Chase the light aperture
  • Automatic focus
  • High speed cutting
  • Optimized optical and water-cooled design enables the laser head to work stably for a long time under high power

MAX Laser Generator

  • MD single-wavelength direct semiconductor is a compact and efficient high-power laser.
  • Higher laser utilizationHigh electro-optical conversion efficiencyThe output core diameter is smaller and the energy density is high, which can precisely cut small objects
laser cutter chiller

Hanli Chiller

  • Cooling the laser and cutting head
  • Dual temperature and dual control
  • Condensing temperature control
  • Intelligent control of condensing temperature, high efficiency and energy saving to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the compressor
laser cutter motor

Fuji servo motor and driver

Adjustment-free functionrealize instant-on-useautomatic tuning functionimprove performance

Cutting Samples

laser cutting samples

Packaging & Shipping

  1. Packaging: Our this fiber laser cutting machine is packaged by protect film ; anti-collision package edge;
  2. Shipping: We cooperate with SINOTRANS company whose experience in the ocean transportation will guarantee your machine safety. We also provide train transport, especially to Russia, Ukraine and other inland countries.
  3. Payment: We support T/T, VISA, Mastercard payment terms with Alibaba Trade Assurance.
plate cutting ship