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Co2 Laser Marking Machine

laser marking machine

Product Description

Co2 laser marking machine can be used for marking logo, serial number, bar code and other beautiful patterns on any non-metal materials such as stone, wood, mdf, advertising industry and lots of engineering plastic products suchas mobile cover & charger, consume electronics housing and etc.
Our laser marking machine adopts the best quality fiber laser source in the world. We have 10w, 20w, 30w and 50w for optional. The estimated life for laser source will be around 100,000hours

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Co2 Laser Marking Machine Applied Materials

1. Stone Industry: marble, granite, white marble marking etc.
2. Artcrafts Industry: wood, bamboo, leather, marble, sea shell marking etc.
3. Advertisement Industry: double color board, acrylic marking etc.
4. Model Industry: sand table constructtion model, plane model etc.
5. Packing Industry: rubber marking, plastic, die board marking etc.
6. leather and cloth processing Industry: compound leather, man-made leather, fabric, fur, toy etc.
7. other industry: glass, crystal marking, paper/greeting card marking etc.

Co2 Laser Marking Machine Parameter

Laser power20W/30W/50W/100W
Laser wavelength1064nm
Control softwareEzcad (provided)
Laser repetition frequency10KHZ ~ 50KHZ
Min tuning Q laser pulse width30ns
Beam divergence angle<0.3mrad
Standard marking range110*110mm
Optional engraving range150* 150mm/200*200mm
Engraving depth≤0.5mm
Engraving linear speed12000mm/s
Min. line width0.01mm
Repetition accuracy±0.003mm
Marking formatGraphics, text, bar code, 2D code, date, shift number, batch number, serial number, document link (support the graphic import of any design software)
Operating systemWINXP Chinese operating interface, support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, and other file formats, adopt SHX, TTF fonts
Power consumption≤3KW
Electrical connection220V±22V/50HZ/15A
Optional partsRotary device, Moving table, other customized automation
Working temperature15~30ºC (no dust and required air-conditioner)
Relative humidity<80%

Co2 Laser Marking Machine Parts

For this machine, the most important components are the sino-Galvonameters, Lens, control board card and software.Among them, the lens can control the working range.For the laser source, It’s main JPT, Raycus, MAX brand. Optional part is the rotation device – this can be used for marking rings

laser marking machine

Machine Samples

raycus 50w fiber laser marking samples

Packing and Shipping
Outside package: Standard marine export plywood case .
Inner package: Stretch film and plastic film for humidity .
We can package according to your requests.