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Jewelry Fiber laser welding machine 200W 400W

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Jewelry Fiber Laser Welding Machine 200W 400W Machine Description

Jewelry fiber laser welding machine 200W 400W is a welding product specially developed for Jewelry laser welding. It is mainly used for welding Jewelry, hole filling, electric welding sand hole, welding seam repair, etc. It has smaller and finer solder joints, small heat affected area, high weld strength, etc.Overall, it’s more productive.

Model 200W

Laser Power 200W/400W

Laser wavelength 1064NM

Spot diameter 0.6–3mm

Optional CCD system

Power supply demand 220v/50/60hz

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Jewelry Fiber Laser Welding Machine 200W 400W Machine Features

Jewelry laser welding machine is widely used and is an indispensable machine in many jewelry industry. The exquisite jewelry sold on the market is transformed by the welding of the jewelry laser welding machine, so that we can see the exquisite jewelry in front of us.
1. The corrosion resistance
As is known to all, beloved jewelry laser welding machine and often need to grinding gravel material in contact with the corrosion, so we generally in design jewelry welding machine, for materials, especially pay attention to and blend in with the latest technology, such as some jewelry laser welding machine adopts imported ceramic company set optical cavity, has the corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant performance,The performance of the main parts of the machine is greatly improved, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is also greatly improved, and the service life of the condensing cavity is also greatly improved.
2. Strong ability to work
Jewelry laser welding machine in addition to having instinctive application functions, there are many additional functions, the use of automatic shading system to reduce or eliminate eye irritation products in the working process for operators and damage, to avoid the formation of eye diseases, its continuous working ability, long time after work to remain stable, long-term maintenance free.
3. Simple and efficient
According to the suitable parameter adjustment jewelry laser welding machine is the product of power frequency, pulse width, and the light spot size, such as the need to automatically adjust, adjust the space is opposite bigger, so the jewelry welding machine can realize all kinds of welding work, form a variety of welding effect, the welding parameters through closed cavity interior control, can be simple and efficient,Improve productivity.

Jewelry Fiber Laser Welding Machine 200W 400W Technical Parameter

Max power of single impulse
Laser power
Welding depth
Pulse width
Laser wavelength
Power supply demand
Cooling system dimensions
Water cooling
Power consumption
Observation system
10X Microscope or HD CCD
Max laser power
Working humidity
CCD System

Jewelry Fiber Laser Welding Machine 200W 400W Main Parts

1. Carefully prepared control switch, one button on, simple and clear.At the same time, it is also equipped with an emergency stop button, which is convenient to use in case of emergency in the process of use.
2. Shading system.Laser will stimulate eyes during welding work. Equipped with shading system, it will automatically block laser stimulation to eyes during welding work.
3. The whole machine of the jewelry welding machine adopts ergonomic design, which is specially designed for the jewelry industry with stable performance.
4 The system provides multiple groups of parameters, which can be used at any time without readjusting the parameters.
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Jewelry Fiber Laser Welding Machine 200W 400W Welding Samples

Jewelry welding machine is mainly used for jewelry, jewelry and other welding work, paste is suitable for gold and silver jewelry repair welding, spot welding sand hole, repair and so on.Widely used in aerospace, aviation, sporting goods, jewelry, medical equipment, small mechanical parts processing and other industries.
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Packaging & Shipping

  1. Packing: Our jewelry laser welding machine adopts protective film packaging;Packed in wooden cases outside.Before packaging, we will test the machine and send photos and videos to the customer for viewing. After the customer confirms that there is nothing wrong with the machine, the machine will be packaged, loaded to the truck by forklift, pulled to Qingdao Port, and then uniformly loaded into the container for shipping and transportatio
  2. Shipping: We cooperate with Sinotrans, whose experience in shipping will ensure the safety of your machine.We also provide train transport, especially to landlocked countries such as Russia and Ukraine.
  3. Payment: We support T/T, VISA, MasterCard payment terms with Alibaba Trade Guarantee.
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