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Laser Cleaning MetalMachine Description

Metal substrates are common objects in industrial cleaning, such as metal molds, metal weld surfaces, the metal body shells of the car, metal aircraft skins, etc. The commonly used materials of these metal substrates are usually stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum alloys, which are easy to oil stains, rust layers, and residual paint in practical applications, if go without any cleaning, it will result in changes in surface roughness and mechanical properties, which affect actual performance. Therefore, the surface needs to be cleaned after a period of use or before surface pretreatment. However, due to the particularity of cleaning objects, cleaning dirt, cleaning technology and cleaning requirements, metal cleaning is different from general chemical cleaning and soft surface cleaning, then the laser cleaning metal machine to be a good choice.

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Laser cleaning metal advantage:

Metal corrosion is everywhere, it takes a lot of manpower and financial resources to remove the rust layer on the metal surface every year. In the maintenance of ships, automobiles, and space shuttles, it is necessary to completely clean the metal original paint layer in order to spray new paint , therefore, finding an effective method to remove the metal rust and paint layer on the metal surface has become a concern. The traditional methods of metal paint removal and rust removal are mainly mechanical and chemical methods. This metal cleaning way not only consumes a lot of labor, but the generated dust is also harmful to the human body and the environment.Using a certain power density laser to irradiate the metal rust or paint layer, it can cause vaporization and vibration peeling, thereby effectively separating from the metal surface , And almost no loss to metal.

Laser cleaning metal not only removes metal surface dirt but also improves the metal corrosion resistance.Metal laser cleaning machine technology can overcome the disadvantages of traditional cleaning technology, such as time-consuming, laborious and environmental pollution, and plays an important role in removing dirt on the metal surface. In addition, laser cleaning metal parameters can be further controlled to cause chemical reactions on the surface of the metal to be cleaned and form a protective layer several microns thick to prevent further corrosion of the metal. The use of laser cleaning technology for decontamination can improve the corrosion resistance of metal devices. Increase 3 to 4 times.

Handhled Fiber Laser Cleaning Metal Machine Main Parts

Handheld control card of the laser cleaning metal machine can control the machine adjust machine parameters.
Handheld laser cleaning metal machine head light in mass the weight is only 700g suitable for long-term handheld.

portable laser rust removal machine

Laser Cleaning Metal Machine For Removing Rust Application:

Application fields of laser cleaning metal machine:
  1. Metal paint removal: Metal laser cleaning can quickly remove the coating paint on the metal surface.
  2. Metal rust removal: it can quickly remove the rust stains produced by the oxidation of the metal surface and various other metal oxides;
  3. Remove grease, resin, glue, dust, stains and production residues on the metal surface.
  4. The metal laser cleaning machine can help roughen the metal surface, and has a particularly excellent performance in cleaning the metal surface in a small space.
  5. Metal laser cleaning also plays an important role in the welding process: before the metal is welded, in order to make the metal welding stronger, it is usually necessary to remove the paint, rust and grease on the metal surface. In addition, after the welding process is completed, the laser cleaning machine must process the oxides and residues after welding, and extend the welding effect through the laser cleaning process.
  6. Cleaning of metal molds, such as wheel and tire metal molds, electronic molds, food molds, metal pastry trays, etc.;
  7. Laser cleaning has the function of high precision and partial cleaning, so it has certain advantages in precision parts processing. Removal of oil stains after the production and processing of metal precision parts;
  8. Quick cleaning of nuclear power metal parts maintenance;
  9. Oxide treatment, paint removal and rust removal during the production or maintenance of aerospace metal weapons and ships;
  10. Cleaning of metal cultural relics, and cleaning of exterior surfaces of buildings.
Laser cleaning plays an important role in many fields. With the continuous improvement of technology and the mass production of equipment, laser cleaning technology will certainly play an important role in the cleaning industry.


Packaging & Shipping

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