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Laser Welding Machine 1000W 1500W

laser welding machine

Laser Welding Machine 1000W 1500W Description

Welding is the process of joining metal parts with various fusible alloys (solder).The melting point of solder is lower than that of the material to be soldered, so that the parts can be welded without being melted by molecular bonding on their surfaces.
The laser welding machine 1000w 1500w is a kind of laser welding equipment that couples the high energy laser beam into fiber, collimates to parallel light through collimating mirror after long distance transmission, and then focuses on the workpieces and welds. It adopts soft transmission non-contact welding for the parts that are hard to reach and it has much more flexibility. The laser beam can realize time spectroscopy and energy spectroscopy, carry through multi-beam processing at the same time, and provides conditions for more precise welding.
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Laser welding Machine 1000w 1500w features

1. Laser welding machine 1000w 1500w is equipped with fiber laser generator, safe and stable performance.
2. Handheld welding gun head is light, convenient, very flexible operation, welding personnel can easily welding, welding beautiful products, its birth, to replace the traditional argon arc welding, electric welding, etc..
3. laser welding machine 1000w 1500w handheld is simple to operate, can easily weld stainless steel sheet, iron sheet, galvanized sheet and other metal materials.
4 laser welding machine 1000w 1500w handheld hot zone influence is small, through the welding of the workpiece, thermal deformation is small, and the weld is smooth, beautiful, follow-up without secondary processing.
5. The welding speed of handheld laser welding machine is very fast, which is 2-10 times that of traditional welding. According to the operator’s test, a handheld laser welding machine can save the cost of two welding machine workers.

Laser Welding Machine 1000w 1500W Parameter

Max laser power1000W
Laser typeFiber laser source
Source brandRaycus/Max/JPT
Pulse width0.1-20ms
Laser wavelength1064um
Max power of single impules 150–200J
Welding depth0.1–3mm
Cooling system dimensionsWater chiller BY1000
Transmission systemFiber optical transmission system(FOTS)
Fiber optical length10m standard
Working humidity5%–75%
Power required380V+10%/50HZ

Laser Welding Machine 1000w 1500w Parts

High quality welding head:integrated gas protection、handheld comfort、welding distance assitance、optional qutomatic wire feeder、improve work efficiency.
Operating system:fully digital design、clear work status at a glance、simplified settings、contains ZH/EN/KO.
Water chiller:built-in water cooling design、rapid cooling、make the machine more stable.
Laser source:the new generation of laser source has higher photoelectric conversion effciency、more stable beam quality.
laser welding machine

Laser Welding Machine 1000w 1500w Samples

laser welding machine 1000w 1500w is applied to the precision welding of optical communication devices, IT, medical treatment, electronics, batteries, fiber couplers, picture tube electron guns, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motors, precision parts of clocks and watches, automobile steel sheet and so on.
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Packaging & Shipping

Handheld fiber laser welding machine in the customer confirmed without error, into our good sealing, anti-collision wooden case, loaded on the car after the first land transport to the port of delivery, into the container and then unified water transport to the port designated by the customer.

1.Packaging: Our this handheld fiber laser welding machine is packaged by protect film ; anti-collision package edge; 

2.Shipping: We cooperate with SINOTRANS company whose experience in the ocean transportation will guarantee your machine safety. We also provide train transport, especially to Russia, Ukraine and other inland countries.

3.Payment: We support T/T, VISA, Mastercard payment terms with Alibaba Trade Assurance