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Raycus 50w fiber laser Marking Machine

laser marking machine

Raycus 50w Fiber Laser Marking Machine Description

Raycus 50w fiber laserLaser marking machine uses a laser beam to mark permanently various surfaces of materials. Raycus 50w fiber laser marking effect is through the evaporation of the surface material to reveal the deep material, so as to carve out exquisite patterns, trademarks and words.
Laser power20W/30W/50W/100W raycus 50w fiber laser
Laser wavelength355±1nm
Beam quality<1.2
Laser repetition frequency10KHZ ~ 50KHZ
Min tuning Q laser pulse width30ns
Beam divergence angle<0.3mrad
Raycus 50w fiber laser standard marking range110*110mm
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Raycus 50w fiber Laser Marking Machine Applied Materials

1.The raycus 50w fiber laser machine with integrated design,this portable fiber laser marking system is compact size,low consumption,long life-span,high efficiency,free from maintenance,convenient to be installed and taken away.The machine weight is only 20KG,and the package weight is 28KG.
2. The closed raycus 50w fiber laser fiber laser marking machine is easy to operation,and one key to control the power on and power off.
3. With strong extensive ability,the raycus 50w fiber laser equipment can be available in all kinds of working environment ,especially suitable for the unique processing and operation,convenient to be matched with other automatic equipments.
4. Raycus 50w fiber laser With superior laser beam,and precise light spot,it is no need to consume any items.
5. The scanning galvanometer is imported with original packaging,and with compact size and fast speed,it is of precise location,the machine software 
operation is simple and function is strong.

50W Raycus fiber laser marking machine parameter


Laser power20W/30W/50W/100W raycus 50w fiber laser
Laser wavelength355±1nm
Beam quality<1.2
raycus 50w fiber laser repetition frequency 10KHZ ~ 50KHZ
Min tuning Q laser pulse width30ns
Beam divergence angle<0.3mrad
Standard raycus 50w fiber laser marking range
Optional engraving range150* 150mm/200*200mm
Engraving depth≤0.5mm
Engraving linear speed12000mm/s
Min. line width0.01mm
raycus 50w fiber laser repetition accuracy ±0.003mm
raycus 50w fiber laser marking format Graphics, text, bar code, 2D code, date, shift number, batch number, serial number, document link (support the graphic import of any design software)
Operating system of the raycus 50w fiber laserWINXP Chinese operating interface, support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, and other file formats, adopt SHX, TTF fonts
Power consumption≤3KW
Electrical connection220V±22V/50HZ/15A
Laser unitUV
Working temperature15~30ºC (no dust and required air-conditioner)
Relative humidity<80%

50W Raycus Fiber laser marking machine Parts

1. This Raycus 50w fiber laser has motorized Z axis, which is more easier to set right focus. 

Raycus laser with pulse duration adjustable with best laser beam quality.
2. Raycus 50w fiber laser Laser Focusing Function(Double red dots more easy to get focus. )
This Raycus fiber laser marking machine focus can be automatically performed. As long as the thickness of the material to be marked is entered in the software, the machine can automatically focus.

3. JCZ control board with EZCAD software

laser marking machine

Raycus 50w fiber laser Fiber laser marking machine Samples
The raycus 50w fiber laser is Widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer and mobile phone accessories, non-transparent plastic keyboards, electronic components, integrated circuit industrial bearings, clocks, electronics and communication products, aerospace devices, various automotive parts, home appliances, stainless steel products, Hardware and tooling, molds, wires and cables, food packaging, jewelry and tobacco
Raycus 50w fiber laser Application materials: steel, stainless steel, gold, silver, iron, aluminum and some plastics, leather, etc

raycus 50w fiber laser marking samples

Raycus 50w fiber laserPacking and Shipping

1.The interior of the raycus 50w fiber laser package is covered with a thick protective film

2.External standard export wooden cases

3.Find a trailer to ship to the port of departure,  then ship to the port of destination by sea

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