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Super Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 2000W 4000W 8000W

1kw ipg laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Description

Super Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine mainly uses the output high-density laser beam to focus it on the surface of the cutting object. The ultra-fine focus spot can be automatically cut by controlling the movement, so as to achieve the cutting effect.
The optical fiber laser cutting machine, unlike the CO2 laser cutting machine, he is implemented through gas cutting, and CO2 laser tube is needed to achieve the object of cutting, and the laser tube is wearing parts, need to be replaced regularly, not only increase cost is more trouble, so now the light gradually become important in the field of laser cutting laser cutting machine products.And fiber laser cutting machine not only do plane cutting, but also can do bevel cutting, a machine multi-purpose, to solve all the cutting needs, our power from 1000W- 20000W, no matter how thick you are cutting material, as long as it is metal material, our fiber laser cutting machine can meet all.
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Super Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 2000W 4000W 8000W Features

1. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine is high, can reach more than 30%, energy saving and electricity saving, so it has high cutting speed and effect, can achieve the highest production efficiency, save the cost of machine work.
2. Mainly by oxygen and nitrogen and other gases to achieve laser cutting, so low power consumption, low cost of operation and maintenance.
3. Adopt the gantry double drive structure, is the mainstream model of fiber laser cutting machine, strong and durable.
4. The laser we use is RAYCUS laser with stable optical path, well-known brand and high efficiency.

Super Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 2000W 4000W 8000W Technical Parameter

Working size
1500*3000mm (optional)
Laser power
Cutting thickness
Cutting speed
Laser head
Raytools /Au3thech brand
Laser source
Cooling way
Water cooling
Water chiller
Cutting materials
carbon steel, stainless stell, iron,aluminum, copper, atc
Motor and driver
Japan Fuji/ Yaskawa servo brand
Table Type
Sawtooth table
Power supplier

Super Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 2000W 4000W 8000W Main Parts

1.Laser source:laser source is more than 30% photoelectric conversion, working environment: 10-40 degree,device with air-condition to keep it in normal temperature, lifetime:100000 hours.
2.Cutting head:Shanghai Raytools.
adjust the focus by knob, fine and flexible. Adjust range 20mm, precision with 0.05mm
mirror base adopts with drawer type, easy and fast when replace.
Collimating lens and focus lens are water cooling structure, can withstand the highest 4 kw power
Protection lens component built-in circular blowing and side structure, which is conducive to high reflect material cutting and avoid blasting hole sputtering when cut thick metals.
3.Contro system:Cypcut Control system and software with English language, applicable insert files with DXF. Or AI format. Drawing in the software is also okay. Software with fly cutting mode for cutting same products for save time. With Nesting function, autonomic compose type for saving materials by saving spaces.
4.Driving System: Japan Fuji drive motors
Match-able with the transmission system, improve cutting speed and precision.

Super Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 2000W 4000W 8000W Cutting Samples

Fiber laser cutting machine has a very wide range of applications:
1. Medical Instruments: Our fiber laser cutting machine can be used for cutting small parts of medical equipment and laser surgery.
2. Jewelry industry: for many jewelry requiring high quality, fiber laser cutting machine can be used to cut.
3. Automobile manufacturing industry: Automobile manufacturing industry is a very large market industry, a lot of auto parts need fiber laser cutting machine to cut.
4. Electronic products: now a mobile phone, electronic equipment has gradually become increasingly compact in life, so fiber laser cutting machine can play its excellent cutting role.
cutting samples

Packaging & Shipping

Our fiber laser cutting machine packaging and shipping introduction:
1. Because the size of the light laser cutting machine, so the general standard of 1530 fiber laser cutting machine requires a 20 ‘container to transport, before loading container, we will to debug machine, confirm the machine run there is no problem with anti-collision package edge plastic package, seal in wooden cases, forklift truck loaded on trucks,Land transport to Qingdao port (port can be selected according to the customer, generally Qingdao port).
2. The forwarder companies we choose are all with many years of transportation experience, so there is no need to worry about the safety of the machines during sea transportation. Meanwhile, we also provide railway transportation and express for landlocked countries such as Russia and Ukraine, as well as air transportation.
plate cutting ship