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yag laser welder - best yag laser welding machine price for sale

yag laser welder - best yag laser welding machine price for sale

yag laser welder machine description

The precision handheld YAG laser welding machine is a new type of welding method. YAG laser welder uses high-energy laser pulses to heat the material in a small area to melt the local material to form a molten pool, thereby realizing the welding of the material and the matrix. As the influence zone of this yag welding method is small, so that the material deformation is small. The welding seam certificate of the product made by yag laser welding machine is beautiful, the welding seam has no porosity, and the welding seam is of high quality and firmer. In addition, the advantages of laser welding are also manifested in butt welding, overlap welding, sealing welding, etc. YAG laser welder has very significant advantages when used in welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts. The precision handheld YAG welding machine has a small focus spot and high positioning, so it can be accurately controlled and can better meet the needs of automated production.

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Precise Handheld YAG Laser Welding Machine features

1: The yag laser welder has depth to width ratio of height.The weld is deep and narrow, bright and beautiful.

2.The yag laser welder has small zone effect during the welding process, because of the high power density, the melting process is very fast, the input workpiece heat is very low, the welding speed is fast.

3: YAG laser welder has strong weld high toughness and comprehensive performance. high density.In the process of weld generation, the molten pool is constantly stirred and the gas escapes to generate the non-porosity penetration weld.The high cooling rate after welding makes the weld microstructure fine.

4: YAG laser welding machine has small pollution.The high temperature heat source and the full absorption of non-metallic components produce purification effect, reduce the content of impurities, change the inclusion size and its distribution in the molten pool, no electrode or filler welding wire is needed in the welding process, the melting zone is less polluted.

5: YAG laser welder can be precise controled. Because the focusing spot is very small, the welding seam can be positioned with high precision, the beam is easy to transfer and control, and the welding torch and nozzle do not need to be replaced frequently, which significantly reduces the downtime and auxiliary time, and the production efficiency is high.Light has no inertia and can be stopped and restarted at high speeds.Complex components can be welded by automatic beam moving technology.

6: Yag laser welder is non-contact, atmospheric environment welding.Because the energy comes from the laser, the workpiece has no physical contact and therefore no force is applied to the workpiece.

7: YAG laser welder can recude the opreation cost, because the average heat input is low, the processing accuracy is high, and the reprocessing cost can be reduced and further to reduce the cost of workpiece.

Precise Handheld YAG Laser Welding Machine Technical Parameter

ModelTPW-200W yag laser welder
Max power of single impulse80J/100J/120J/150J(can be customized)
Laser power200W/300W/400W/500W YAG laser welder
Laser welding depth<=4mm
Pulse width0.1-20ms
Laser wavelength1064nm
Power supply 380V/50HZ
Cooling system dimensionsWater cooling
Integrity power 6KW–12KW
Laser welding frequency1–200HZ
Laser path quantityMax 4 path
Working humidity5%–75%
Master unit dimensions1400*1100*800mm

Precise Handheld YAG Laser Welder Main Parts

Yag laser welding machine is mainly composed of the main cabinet, laser power supply, cooling system, laser generator (including xenon lamp, focusing cavity, crystal), light guide focusing system, observation system.

Yag laser welder has a good effect in cooling, because we use Wuhan Hanli cliller. The xenon lamp supplies energy to the crystal;The high-definition observation system with 10 times the microscope makes welding more accurate.

YAG welding machine

Precise Handheld YAG Laser Welding Machine Welding Samples

Precise handheld yag laser welding machine is widely used in a variety of metal and alloy, not only the steel and other alloy materials, but also can be used copper metal, such as in copper-brass, copper-titanium, nickel-copper, copper-titanium and other dissimilar metal welding.

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YAG Laser Welder Packaging & Shipping

Precise handheld yag laser welding machine in the delivery process, we will take pictures to the customer to inspect machine, confirm the correct packing, and transport to the port of delivery, unified into the container for shipping transportation.

1.Packaging: Our this precise handheld yag laser welding machine is packaged by protect film ; anti-collision package edge;

2.Shipping: Shipped by sea or by train all workable for this yag laser welder, especially to Russia, Ukraine and other inland countries.

3.Payment: We support T/T, VISA, Mastercard payment terms with Alibaba Trade Assurance.