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Logo Marks Marking Fiber Laser Marking Machine

laser marking machine

Product Description

Our large sealed fiber laser marking machine uses a fiber laser output laser, and then through a high-speed vibrator scanning to achieve the marking function.The whole machine adopts acrylic closed outer garment, can bring the good to block laser radiation damage, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, the built-in cold water machine, can very good cooling the heat generated by the laser, light volume, the output of a laser beam of good quality and high reliability, long service life, generally can be used 100000 hours, energy saving,Can engrave metal materials and a small part of the non-metal materials.
It is mainly used in the fields with high requirements for depth, security and fineness, such as stainless steel decorative pieces for mobile phones, watches, models and other industries. It can mark very fine pictures and words on the surface of metals.
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Logo Marks Marking Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Features

1. Our large sealed fiber laser marking machine uses the international high-quality laser, so the marking effect is very perfect, can meet the needs of customers for a variety of different effects of marking, suitable for ultra-fine marking.
2. Marking speed, high efficiency, can increase the output of the workpiece, so that the return on investment will speed up.
3. The large sealed fiber laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency and no consumables, which can reduce the operation cost.
4 for the laser light source we also provide a variety of options, can according to customer requirements to provide the most suitable laser light source.
5. The service life of the machine is very long, the output power is stable, high reliability, can work in the harsh environment continuously, and can last 100,000 hours of maintenance-free.

Logo Marks Marking Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameter

Laser power
Laser Wavelength
Marking Area
110mm*110mm, optional 175*175mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm
Laser repetition frequency
10KHZ ~ 50KHZ
Min tuning Q laser pulse width
Beam divergence angle
System Operating Environment
Optional engraving range
150* 150mm/200*200mm
Engraving depth
Engraving linear speed
Min. line width
Repetition accuracy
Marking format
Graphics, text, bar code, 2D code, date, shift number, batch number, serial number, document link (support the graphic import of any design software)
Operating system
WINXP Chinese operating interface, support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, and other file formats, adopt SHX, TTF fonts
Power consumption
Electrical connection
Laser unit
Working temperature
15~30ºC (no dust and required air-conditioner)
Relative humidity

Logo Marks Marking Fiber Laser Marking Machine Main Parts

Now the application of optical fiber laser marking machine is more and more widely, by many industries, and of course due to the rapid development of the market, more and more kinds of optical fiber laser marking machine, like connect down to want introduction of sealing optical fiber laser marking machine, in addition to the outer cover on the acrylic cover, component parts and ordinary optical fiber laser marking machine is actually the same.
1. Fiber laser: is the core part of the whole fiber laser marking machine, is also the main generation of laser accessories.
2. Vibroscope: also known as ammeter, mainly used for laser marking and engraving.
3. Field mirror: the role of the field mirror is mainly to focus the light scanned by the vibrator mirror onto a plane. The marking range of the general field mirror is 110*110mm, which can be determined according to your own needs.
4. Marking card and marking software: Our machines generally adopt Beijing Golden Orange marking, which is mainly to convert the words and patterns into signals and transmit them to the vibrator.
5. Industrial control computer: Our large sealed fiber laser marking machine is equipped with a laptop computer, convenient and convenient.
laser marking machine

Logo Marks Marking Fiber Laser Marking Machine Samples

From the marking material, the large sealed fiber laser marking machine has a marking advantage for most metal materials, of course, some specific non-metallic materials can also be marked.Widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer parts, all kinds of automotive processing parts, molds and other fields of graphics and text marking.
In short, the application of fiber laser marking machine in all walks of life is very wide, as long as it is needed to mark the place, will be used fiber laser marking machine, I believe that in the future, the application of fiber laser marking machine will be more and more widely.
raycus 50w fiber laser marking samples

Packing and Shipping

Large sealed fiber laser marking machine using plastic film packaging, of course, there are anti-collision packaging edge, to prevent the machine in the process of transportation bumpy collision.After wrapping the machine with plastic film, it is put into the fumigated wooden box for final packaging, and then put into the car for land transportation. After arriving at Qingdao and arriving at the port, it is put into the container for water transportation.
Our cooperative forwarder is a Sino-foreign cooperative forwarder with many years of experience, which can guarantee the safety of the machinery during sea transportation.Of course, in addition to the most common water transport, we also provide rail transport and express for landlocked countries, and air transport for customers in urgent need of goods, to meet the various needs of customers.
large sealed fiber laser marking machine ship