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Mopa Laser Metal For Marking Color Machine

laser marking machine

Product Description

MOPA laser marking machine, also known as black special machine, why do you want to call black special machine?Because MOPA laser marking machine can be black on alumina and stainless steel, ordinary laser marking machine equipment can not do this.
MOPA laser marking machine is mainly by MOPA laser output laser, and then through high-speed scanning vibrator to achieve marking skills, mainly suitable for alumina black, stainless steel color, black plastic white, white plastic black and other fields, not only can black objects, but also can play color color on the stainless steel,This is also the reason why customers choose
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Mopa Laser Metal For Marking Color Machine Features

1. First of all, the most important point of MOPA laser marking machine is to be able to black on anodic alumina, and only color marking on stainless steel.
2. Secondly, MOPA laser marking machine for the stainless steel industry, can be arbitrarily marked with color patterns or words, and convenient and easy to operate, safe and pollution-free, fast marking, so that you can enhance the added value of stainless steel products, enhance the market competitiveness of stainless steel products.
3. MOPA laser marking machine has stable laser beam, adjustable pulse width and strong power.
4. MOPA laser marking machine has a long life and can work 100,000 hours, which is converted into 10 years. It is a choice to reduce costs and not lose stakes.
MOPA laser marking machine, and the general laser marking machine pulse width is fixed, but MOPA laser marking machine is not the same, its pulse width is adjustable, and the frequency range is also large, stable operation in the process of use.
High quality laser beam, low cost of use, long life, maintenance free are the characteristics of MOPA laser marking machine, is the best choice for customers who want to black or color.

Mopa Laser Metal For Marking Color Machine parameter

Laser power
Laser wavelength
Beam quality
Laser repetition frequency
10KHZ ~ 50KHZ
Min tuning Q laser pulse width
Beam divergence angle
Standard marking range
Optional engraving range
150* 150mm/200*200mm
Engraving depth
Engraving linear speed
Min. line width
Repetition accuracy
Marking format
Graphics, text, bar code, 2D code, date, shift number, batch number, serial number, document link (support the graphic import of any design software)
Operating system
WINXP Chinese operating interface, support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, and other file formats, adopt SHX, TTF fonts
Power consumption
Electrical connection
Laser unit
Working temperature
15~30ºC (no dust and required air-conditioner)
Relative humidity

Mopa Laser Metal For Marking Color Machine Parts

1. Field Mirror: Our MOPA laser marking machine adopts wavelength of Singapore brand, with faster speed, higher accuracy, short pulse width and high pulse energy.
2. Red light focusing system: the German technology dual red light focusing instrument, can more accurately find the marking position, marking effect is more perfect, used for marking.
3. Laser focusing system: the laser focusing distance can be easily adjusted.
4. Control system: using famous brand EZCAD control system, high stability, easy operation.
laser marking machine

Mopa Laser Metal For Marking Color machine Marking Samples

MOPA laser marking machine is mainly used in anodic alumina black, stainless steel color, etc., marking range and type is relatively limited, but in metal and non-metallic materials can also mark, only the most commonly used in stainless steel and anodic alumina.
Of course, it can also be used in laser marking of digital product parts, mobile phone keys, mobile phone shell and other industries of surface marking.
raycus 50w fiber laser marking samples

Packing and Shipping

Our MOPA laser marking machine uses the plastic film on the edge of the anti-collision package for packaging, so as to avoid the problem of collision during the transport of the machine.Outside, we use the fumigated wooden cases for final packaging, and then use the forklift to put the machine on the truck for land transport. After arriving at the port of Qingdao, it will be put into the container for sea transport.
The forwarder company we cooperate with is also a forwarder with many years of experience, which can ensure the safety of machinery during sea transportation.In addition to water, of course, we also provide air, express and rail transportation.