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There are two factors to consider when choosing a heavy duty tube laser cutting machine

There are two factors to consider when choosing a heavy duty tube laser cutting machine
The material cut by the heavy-duty pipe laser cutting machine is metal, and the types are mainly stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum plate, brass, etc. The higher the equipment power, the thicker the cutting thickness. The power mainly depends on the laser. In the market, 6000W and above are generally called high power, the power between 3000W-6000W is medium power, and the power below 3000W is called low power. Judging from the current market demand, laser cutting machines with a power of 6000W and below can meet the cutting needs of most customers. The usage of these equipment is also large. The higher the power of the equipment, the faster the cutting of the same material. The faster it is, but an important factor in measuring the price of a laser cutting machine is the power of the laser.
There are two factors to consider when purchasing a heavy duty pipe laser cutting machine. First, the power of the equipment can meet your own cutting needs; second, whether the price meets your budget. The power of the laser cutting machine is one of the core parameters of the equipment, as long as it can meet the needs, there is no need to blindly pursue high power.
When the heavy-duty tube laser cutting machine cuts thin metals, low-power equipment is sufficient, such as 3mm stainless steel plate, and 3000W power equipment is used for air cutting, not only the cutting speed is fast, but the cutting quality is also very fine, which saves costs. At the same time, there is no drop in accuracy. Therefore, when purchasing a laser cutting machine, you must make a reasonable choice according to your own material and material thickness, and do not blindly pursue high power. Of course, if your processing plates include thick plates and thinner plates, and the production capacity demand is large, a high-power laser cutting machine within the price range that you can afford is also a better choice. Because by properly adjusting the cutting speed, replacing the auxiliary gas, etc., the high-power laser cutting machine can also control the cutting quality well when cutting thinner plates.

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