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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Laser Free Guide

What is the most important accessory of a fiber laser cutting machine?The answer is lasers.The laser is like the brain of a fiber laser cutting machine. It determines the operation of the cutting machine. Without it, the whole machine would freeze up as if it were dead.So why is the laser so important to the fiber laser cutting machine?Find out with our article.
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Take you into different types of laser brands

DK fiber laser, with its all-in-one machine seal and intelligent dehumidification system, has the advantages of small size, light weight and easy integration while ensuring high beam quality and high electro-optic conversion efficiency. It is an excellent solution for integration into processing lines or clean room systems.By matching the output fiber with different core diameters, it can meet the application requirements of a variety of fields, and can be widely used in high-speed processing of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper and other highly reflective materials.
The Raycus laser has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency (> 30%), better and more stable beam quality, more powerful anti-high reflection ability, and the introduction of the optimized second generation optical fiber transmission system, to ensure a more stable and precise cutting effect in the thick plate cutting.The product is suitable for a variety of applications: cutting, welding, drilling, medical device processing, etc., the cutting plate slit is narrow and the section is bright, relative to other similar type of laser in the market has obvious advantages.
Fiber laser is an industrial application of products, is a high efficiency, high beam quality of single module fiber laser.Mainly used in drilling, cutting, welding and other fields.Main features: (1) high beam quality (2) high power, high efficiency (3) high reliability, long life (4) compact, solid packaging (5) extended programming interface
IPG laser has many characteristics such as wide operating wavelength range, single mode and multi-mode selectivity, low amplitude noise, high stability and long service life of pump diode.The newly designed electronic system realizes the expansion of the control function.The laser can be equipped with a variety of optical fiber terminals and collimating optical elements.
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The respective advantages of lasers

DK Laser Advantage:

1. The laser beam combining scheme adopts three-in-one power beam combining mode.The theoretical limit of beam M2 output in three-in-one mode is the minimum, and it can output better beam quality compared with other beam combining modes such as seven-in-one.
2. Pure single mode laser module of Daike laser is used to combine the beams.The beam quality factor M2 of the pure single-mode laser module is less than 1.3, which ensures that the beam quality is close to the theoretical limit value after beam combination.
3. Study every technical detail with the spirit of craftsman, such as realizing the ideal fiber mode field matching, and ultra-low loss special-shaped fiber fusion, etc.

Raycus Laser Advantages:

1. The electro-optic conversion efficiency is improved, and the electro-optic conversion efficiency of the whole machine is not less than 37%, which reduces the energy consumption of the laser and the electricity cost;
2..In line with the European standard safety specification requirements, use more safe, affinity is stronger;
3. Rich laser state output function, more friendly upper computer human-computer interface, real-time monitoring of the laser and its internal module state;
4. Add Ethernet interface function to provide hardware preparation for big data collection and analysis in the future;
5. Further reduce the light response time of the laser, faster reaction and less waiting;

Max Laser Advantages:

1. Ranked No.1 in global pulsed laser market shipments.
2. The after-sale speed is fast, the warranty period is one year, and there will be no extra cost.
3. Low processing cost and good quality.

IPG Laser Advantages:

1. The divergence Angle parameters of the IPG laser are very excellent, allowing the lens to be processed with medium and long focal length, which greatly improves the depth of field and reduces the damage probability of optical components, and is suitable for long distance welding applications.
2. Multiple fiber laser modules are used for output, each module can generate several hundred watts of output power, integrated into a single output fiber.In the event of module failure, the remaining modules will automatically compensate for the loss, maintaining output power and allowing production to continue.
3.IPG’s unique combination of technologies produces highly reliable laser systems that go beyond traditional laser technologies such as disc, bar or CO2 lasers.Its fiber lasers are compact and robust, offering long diode life with minimal maintenance requirements and minimal downtime.
Perhaps the introduction of this article is very general, but it can also help users who need fiber laser cutting machine to understand the laser, don’t forget that the laser is the brain of fiber laser cutting machine, before buying the whole machine, or need to have a good understanding of the laser, I hope this article will help you.
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