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6090 enclosed fiber laser cutting machine

Company History

Jinan Changtai CNC Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018,it only took less than two years to grow from a small company that was initially unknown to a small and successful company, and the number of personnel has grown from a few to more than 20 now.

Our company mainly produces laser products. For example, fiber laser cutting machine is now our main machine. At the beginning, there may be few types of machines and low power, but as the company slowly grows, the types of machines become more and more. The more, there are not only flat fiber laser cutting machines, but also plate and tube integrated laser cutting machines, large-enclosed fiber laser cutting machines, etc., all of which are our company’s best-selling products.And when the company just developed, it only sold a low-power fiber laser cutting machine like 1000W 2000W, but now with the careful research and production of our factory technicians, our fiber laser cutting machine has a higher level of technology. Progress, higher power, higher precision, 10000W, 15000W or even 20000W, our factory technicians can do it.

Our company not only has professional production technicians, but also experienced professional sales personnel. At the beginning of the company, there may be only a few sales staff, but now there are more than 20 professional sales staff. Our sales staff have a wealth of knowledge and professional answers to fiber laser cutting machines:

1.Q:What are the parts of a fiber laser cutting machine?

A:Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly composed of bed, laser, cutting head, drive motor, control system, rack and pinion, reducer, water cooler, and other electrical components.

2.Q:How many motor drives does a fiber laser cutting machine have?

A:There are a total of four sets of motor drives. One set of X, Y, Z axis each, the fourth set is above the cutting head, used to control the direction and rotation of the cutting head.

3.Q:What is the function of the reducer?

A:One is to reduce the speed while increasing the output torque; the other is to reduce the speed while reducing the inertia of the load.

For fiber laser cutting machines, our company is professional. Whether it is a technician or a salesperson, the entire team of our company is a professional and experienced team. It has been steadily rising from the beginning of its establishment to now. I believe that our company will continue to grow steadily in the future and become the leader of fiber laser cutting machines!

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