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Laser cutting metal bookmarks

Guide: Laser cutting machine to create metal bookmarks, there is always a fun classical one is your favorite ~

In 2018, only two months will be over. Is the plan formulated at the beginning of the year realized? Where is the book that I have vowed to read, and where is it now?

In the era of information explosion, people are accustomed to “shallow reading”. The network allows us to drift on the surface of the information ocean, but there are still people who stick to the original heart, a book, a bookmark, is a quiet journey dedicated to individuals.

As a small classification of metal crafts, the size of the market is not large, but the small metal that is lively and interesting or simple and lovely is full of the feelings of the readers.

Today, the style of metal bookmarks is becoming more and more diverse, and the materials used are not limited to stainless steel. Brass, aluminum plates, etc. are used in the production of metal bookmarks. This also puts higher requirements on the flexibility of the metal processing technology. The fiber laser cutting machine processes the metal sheet, and the design idea can be turned into reality by simply introducing the pattern into the software, which is an ideal choice for the processing of metal crafts.

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machines for processing thin metal sheets:

  1. Fine quality: Fiber laser cutting machine is non-contact processing, cutting section without burr and no need for secondary processing;
  2. High flexibility: the fiber laser cutting machine processes the metal sheet without the need of the mold, no matter how complicated the pattern can be formed at one time;
  3. The cost is low, the fiber laser cutting machine has higher processing efficiency than other cutting equipments, and the consumables have less floor space and low long-term use cost;
  4. More environmentally friendly, fiber cutting machine waste less, low noise, clean, safe, non-polluting, greatly improving the working environment.

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