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1kw ipg laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Advantage

Self-structural advantages

1kw ipg laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser processing system itself is a set of computer system, optical fiber laser cutting machine, can be convenient format, modify, suitable for processing, especially for some contour shape complex sheet metal pieces, not more batch quantities, short product life cycle, from technology, economic cost and time perspective, uneconomic of mold manufacturing, laser cutting is particularly advantageous.

Fiber laser cutting machine’s processing of the energy density is very large, short action time, small heat affected zone, small thermal deformation, small thermal stress, coupled with the laser for non-mechanical contact processing, no mechanical stress on the workpiece, suitable for precision processing.

Linear guide rail is used to support and guide the movement of components, according to the given direction of reciprocating linear motion.According to the properties of friction, linear motion guide can be divided into sliding friction guide, rolling friction guide, elastic friction guide, fluid friction guide and other kinds.

The CNC console is used to control the working flow of the whole fiber laser cutting machine, which is usually equipped with computer and professional design software.

The chiller can cool the fiber laser cutting. The chiller also cools the reflector and focusing mirror of the optical path outside the machine tool to ensure the stable beam transmission quality and effectively prevent the deformation or cracking of the lens caused by excessive temperature.

Fiber laser cutting machine’s auxiliary gas includes Nitrogen,oxgen and air compressor. Auxiliary gas can blow away molten slag and combustion-supporting effect while cutting metal, and also has a certain protective effect on cutting head.

Cutting advantages

sheet metal laser cutting machine

In the laser cutting machine industry, metal fiber laser cutting machine occupies a lot of weight in industrial manufacturing, for most metal materials, no matter how hard they are, they can be endless cutting.Today we will count the laser cutting machine in all walks of life in the practical application.Sheet metal processing industry, agricultural machinery industry, advertising industry, kitchenware production industry.

It’s professional for cutting metal: Carbons steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.

Fiber laser cutting machine cutting precision is higher, and have good cutting effect, cutting material edge is smoother, no burr, no black edge.

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