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How To Choose The Best Size Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machines are great cutting tools for skilled workers.Choosing the best fiber laser cutter can help you get the job done with less effort.You can use the best fiber laser cutting machine for cutting, as long as you choose the right fiber laser power, you can do the job efficiently.The best fiber laser cutting machine has a variety of models, such as 1530, 2060, 2560, etc.Different sizes of fiber laser cutting machine for different purposes, but can improve work efficiency, save manpower and time.The size of the fiber laser cutting machine is an important factor in choosing the best fiber laser cutting machine that is right for you.
Below, I will list some sizes of fiber laser cutting machines that customers buy frequently to help you find the best fiber laser cutting machine for you.Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you can find the size of a fiber laser cutter that best suits your needs.

Best size fiber laser cutting machine

The best fiber laser cutting machine size, as the name implies is the best cutting metal working area, is also the size that customers ask and buy the most.It’s just right for 1530 working size.If you want to cut the metal material thickness is not thick, the process is simple, the size of 1500*3000mm is very suitable.

Large size surrounding 2000*6000mm.

If you want to cut very thick metal materials, it needs a very high power, this time the large surrounded by 2000*6000mm size is very suitable for you.
The size can also be added exchange platform, automatically change the material you want to cut, save time and effort, the whole large size can also improve your work efficiency.It is the first choice for customers of heavy industrial machinery.
6090 enclosed fiber laser cutting machine

Large area 2500*6000mm size fiber laser cutting machine

This size does not have large envelop and exchange platform, but the work surface is enlarged to 2500*6000mm.This is very suitable for large metal cutting customers, the work area is larger, the work efficiency is improved.All metal materials can be processed.


How much space does a fiber laser cutting machine take up

The numbers 1530, 2040, and 2060 are valid working sizes or workbench fiber laser cutting machine sizes.The overall size of the entire fiber laser cutting machine is a little larger than these numbers.In addition, a large machine like the 2060 with a closed and switching platform, which has two working platforms instead of one, may require more extra space.In addition, it is better to have enough space to ensure good ventilation, which can also increase the service life of fiber laser cutting machine.

Concluding remarks

Regardless of the size of the fiber laser cutting machine, all fiber laser cutting machine can achieve metal cutting and other processes.According to the processing requirements of customers, other configurations can be added to expand its functions and improve its efficiency.
Size is an important factor in selecting the best fiber laser cutting machine.Bigger is not always better.You should choose the best fiber laser cutting machine size based on the maximum size of your material to avoid wasting resources.
If you are interested in fiber laser, welcome to call Jinan Changtai CNC Technology Co., Ltd., we will tailor the best power and size for you, we look forward to your consultation.

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