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The Benefits of Importing Fiber Laser Cutting Machine From China

Now fiber laser cutting machine application is more and more common, when you want to buy a fiber laser cutting machine, do you think I want to buy from local or imported from abroad?Here’s how to answer your questions!
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What is fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used to cut metal, can do plane cutting, can also do bevel cutting processing, and the edge is neat, smooth, suitable for metal plate and other high-precision cutting processing.

Why do we import fiber laser cutting machines from China

In recent years, China’s laser equipment industry has developed rapidly, more and more foreign customers choose to import fiber laser cutting machine from China, why China’s fiber laser cutting machine is welcomed by the overseas market?There are several reasons:
1. China’s fiber laser cutting machine production technology has reached the international level
First of all, the laser parts produced by many domestic laser equipment accessories manufacturers have formed a counterbalance with foreign accessories manufacturers, and the domestic production of accessories has reached the international leading level.The domestic fiber laser cutting machine market through these years of experience has formed a unique advantage, according to the market needs, from research and development to production has formed a complete system, in the international trade has a firm foothold.
2. Domestic production costs are much lower than the international level
The low production cost in China has also become an advantage for customers to choose to import fiber laser cutting machines from China.Compared with the higher production costs abroad, the price of the same domestic fiber laser cutting machine with similar performance will be significantly lower than that of foreign countries, so customers would rather pay the freight to import fiber laser cutting machine from China.
3. Perfect after-sales service wins the market
At a lower price to buy the international standard fiber laser cutting machine, at the same time can also buy perfect after-sales service, why not.

Steps for importing fiber laser cutting machines from China

1. Enquiries
According to the machine inquired by the customer, when we know what material and thickness the customer cuts, we will recommend the machine with appropriate power and configuration for the customer.
2. Price:
Based on the suitable type of fiber laser cutting machine, we will provide you with a complete quotation and give you our best price.
3. Confirm before production
Confirm quotation, configuration, technical parameters and other details with customers before production to avoid any mistakes.
4. Place an order:
After the price and all details are confirmed, the proforma invoice is sent to the customer and the contract is signed and the order is placed.
5. Arrange production:
After placing the order and paying the deposit, we will arrange the factory to produce the fiber laser cutting machine as soon as possible and inform you of the latest production progress.
6. Shipment:
After the production is completed, we will take photos and videos and send them to you. After confirmation, they will be packed and ready for delivery.
7. Customs clearance:
After the goods arrive at the destination port, we will arrange all the customs clearance documents to ensure that the buyer can get the fiber laser cutting machine as soon as possible.
8. After-sales service:
After the buyer gets the goods, we will have professional technicians to remotely guide the use of the machine through WhatsApp and other communication software.

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